Female empaths are much different from your average woman. They cannot be caged and are not easily dominated.

Female empaths never settle and they are more independent than most other people. They love being in a relationship but also need their boundaries to be set in a healthy manner. While you might not think much of it, they really stand out from the rest.

Below I am going to go over the reasons why female empaths can’t be dominated when it comes to relationships. They aren’t going to give you their all right off the bat. They will ease their way into things and make sure they get the space they need.

14 Reasons Why Female Empaths Cannot Be Dominated in Relationships:

1. She won’t compromise her own needs.

She isn’t going to put the needs of anyone else above her own. She knows what she needs and won’t let anyone keep her from getting it. Compromising her needs is not going to happen.

2. She can tell when you’re lying.

She can sense a liar from a million miles away. If you are lying to her she is going to know. You cannot get one over on her.

3. She holds her own.

She stands up for herself when need be. She always holds her own and doesn’t let anyone walk all over her. You cannot bring her down.

4. She isn’t going to settle.

She isn’t going to settle for someone that she doesn’t truly want to be with. She will only be with someone she truly wants to be with. If you aren’t her ideal partner you won’t last long.

5. She is not quick to trust.

She does not trust quickly. Her trust must be earned, it is not given freely. You have to work for it.

6. She cannot be broken.

She cannot be broken down or torn apart like other people can. She is much stronger than most of the women you find in this world. She is not going to shatter easily.

7. She can sense jealousy.

If you are jealous she will know. She can smell it on you. You cannot hide it from her no matter how hard you try.

8. She won’t waste her time with anyone who isn’t reliable.

If you aren’t reliable she isn’t going to waste her time with you. She needs someone that is going to be there for her when she needs them. She doesn’t have time to spend on people who aren’t going to be there through the rough patches.

9. She needs her freedom.

She isn’t going to compromise her own freedom for anyone. She needs to be free but also have someone to love. While this is a hard balance to find, she knows where it is.

10. Your intentions are always clear with her.

She can tell what your intentions are regardless of how you try to portray them. She can sense whether or not you are being authentic with her even in the most intense situations. You simply cannot fool her.

11. She won’t let someone stick around who does not emotionally satisfy her.

She won’t let you stay in her life if you aren’t there for her emotionally. She won’t let anyone stick around that isn’t caring for her both physically and emotionally. You have to have it all and be there in all possible ways for her to think you are worth it.

12. You cannot fool her.

You just can’t get anything by her. She knows when you’re trying to get one over on her and she can tell what is going on without you explaining. You just can’t fool her no matter the situation.

13. She asks a lot of questions.

She is always asking questions. She is not shy and will not hesitate to get you to explain things to her. If she knows something is up she won’t stick around.

14. She takes things personally.

She is someone that takes a lot of things personally. If something comes up she will take it to heart. Because of this, she is much more guarded than most other people.

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