“The air I breathe feels way too thick, and I’m drowning in the thought of it…”OreoApocalypse/Deviantart

Anxiety is something that can and does manifest in tons of different ways. Living with any kind of anxiety disorder can be challenging whether it is noticeable or not. Better understanding these disorders will benefit those with and those without them.

Sure, occasional anxiety is perfectly normal and should be thought of as a good thing but those who have anxiety disorders, the anxiety is not something that just goes away. Anxiety disorders are actually the most common mental illness in the US. There are about 40 million adults living with it in the US right now.

Anxiety is never the exact same for any two people. We all experience things differently, this also goes for depression and other mental illnesses. Just because I clam up and almost vomit every time I have to speak to someone new doesn’t mean that every person with an anxiety disorder is going to have to do the same.

Below you will find some very interesting images that I hope will give you a better idea of how anxiety manifests itself and some of the symptoms in general. Please continue on with an open mind. Just because you cannot always see these things does not mean they are not there.

14 Images That Show Just How Complex Anxiety Can Be:

1. Unable to ‘Just Breathe’ – Katie Joy Crawford

For many when an anxiety attack is underway calming down is impossible. They get so worked up to the point where breathing is even quite the task. Plastic wrap around the face is the best way to describe this awful feeling.

2. Butterflies in My Stomach – Anya Anti

If you have anxiety you know all about these butterflies I am speaking of. It is as if your insides are fluttering to the point where you cannot stand it. Sure, some people like the ‘butterflies of love’ but for those with anxiety, these butterflies are a pain in the ass.

3. Overwhelming Thoughts – Katie Joy Crawford

As someone with anxiety, I can tell you that I have felt as if my head was going to explode on many occasions. Sometimes the overwhelming worry or fear is just too much. Even those who deal with it on a daily basis get to their wits ends from time to time.

4. Being Held Captive Within – Katie Joy Crawford

People who have anxiety often use the metaphor ‘locked in my own mind,’ but it is very true. They are captive within, they cannot get away from their own thoughts. Everything going on inside is different from the outside.

5. Locked Away – IICI-IEII/Deviantart

Having an anxiety disorder can sometimes feel like you are trapped inside a little box. It’s like you are doing your best to remain calm and in doing so hiding from the world. Don’t get me wrong it isn’t always like this but it can be.

6. My Anxiety – BendarkSilver/Deviantart

This is one of the best photos working to explain anxiety that I have ever seen. While it isn’t quite easy to explain in itself if you have anxiety you most likely resonate with this image. Being concerned with the possibility of doing the impossible is quite a common obsession.

7. Intrusive Thoughts – MissUnfortunate/DeviantArt (Emily Jane)

Thoughts for someone with anxiety are quite frustrating. They are not something the person can get away from and it can drive them mad. While they may not quite be ready to pull their hair out they might be quite irritated and upset depending on the severity of what they are experiencing.

8. Never Enough Time – Alex–V/Deviantart

For someone with anxiety, time is an obsession. They are either worried about running out of time or waiting for a specific time for something to be over. They are counting down the seconds in most cases. Have you ever checked your phone repeatedly waiting to be able to remove yourself from a social gathering? I know I have.

9. Ticking Inside Calm Outside – Katie Joy Crawford

Some people are good at keeping their anxiety hidden. They may look calm on the outside but they are screaming on the inside. These people are dealing with far more than you can imagine.

10. Feeling Weighed Down Inside – Katie Joy Crawford

Just because the burden has not gotten any worse doesn’t mean that your struggles are invalid. Those dealing with anxiety are sometimes able to handle things well and other times they fall apart. This just depends on who is experiencing things and what they are going through on the inside.

11. Feeling Stuck – Katie Joy Crawford

Many people with anxiety end up feeling stuck in life. They don’t know how to get over the things they are going through and they end up falling into a cycle. This is not good and is something we must all overcome at one point or another.

12. GAD Wanting to Pull Hair Out/Frustrated – Embracelife/Deviantart

Anxiety is frustrating to say the least. It can and will make you want to pull your hair out. I have been here time and time again.

13. Frozen in Time – jLorelleArt/Deviantart

People with anxiety in some cases are known to freeze up. I have noticed that I do this a lot. There will be a million things going through my mind and yet nothing coming out of my mouth. Has this ever happened to you?

14. Torn Apart at The Seams – MicolMorton/Deviantart

Anxiety is something that tends to keep us up at night. It won’t let our minds rest. It is every thought creeping up on us as we try to get some peace. Sure, this woman may look tired but it’s not for the reasons you would assume.

Anxiety is not as easy to understand as most want it to be. It is not clean cut and whether we have a disorder or not it is something we all have to face at some point in our lives. Please check out the video below for more information on anxiety.

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