We all do things that we shouldn’t from time to time, that is just how humans are. With that being said, sometimes we do these things without even noticing, we are constantly pushing people away without realizing it.

There is, of course, nothing to be ashamed about. If you are pushing people away you should just work to correct the behaviors that are doing so rather than feeling bad about it. If you feel you might have been pushing people away without noticing you are probably doing one of the following things (or even all of them).

1. Being stubborn

If you are constantly refusing to change your attitude people will not want to be around you. Just because you don’t see a problem with how you are acting doesn’t mean there isn’t one.

2. Being a perfectionist

Not everything can be to your liking, sometimes you just have to take what you get. As long as everyone is putting their best efforts in, that should be enough. Always having to go back over things is going to make the other person feel bad and push them away.

3. Hiding your true self

If you aren’t being your true self around someone they will usually notice over time. Eventually, they will stop wanting to see you because either they only like your false persona or they just don’t want to be around someone who is ‘fake’.

4. Cheating

NO ONE, I repeat no one, likes a cheater. Be it cheating in life, games, or relationships there is no excuse! This is going to leave you sad and alone in the end.

5. Cutting moral corners

Doing immoral things just because you can is going to make people hate you a lot faster than most other things will.

6. Being cruel

One of the most toxic behaviors you can participate in is being cruel. This happens day in and day out on social media and in person. Tearing others down is not the right way to build yourself up. THIS IS NOT NINTH GRADE, STOP!

7. Judging others

As you have been told before, ‘never judge a book by its cover.’ Just because someone doesn’t look stressed doesn’t mean they aren’t.

8. Being jealous

Sure, we are all jealous of others sometimes but if you are overrun with jealousy it will begin to ruin your relationships with those around you. Don’t let it get the best of you. Stop comparing yourself to everyone else, you are YOU.

9. Complaining

If you are happy chances are you don’t complain all that much. Chronic complainers never have anything positive to say and no one wants to be friends with a negative Nancy.

10. Being conceited

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but, no one wants to hear story after story coming from your inflated ego.

11. Thinking too highly of yourself

Knowing your worth is one thing but looking down on other people is another. How do you expect people to want to stay in your life if you are always acting like you are better than them?

12. Lack of emotional control

You need to be able to control your emotions, people who have to be around you don’t want you overreacting to everything that happens. This is not pre-K temper tantrums are not okay.

13. Taking things too personally

If you let every single thing someone says bother you then there will be a problem, not everything that comes out of the mouths of other people is meant to get under your skin. We are all allowed to speak our minds.

All you need to do to stop pushing people away is stop doing the things above. Be true to who you are and don’t overdo things, people who really care will stay by your side if you let them really get to know you. Learn how to control your emotions and just be yourself.


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