Dating is obviously an incredibly individual an incredibly personal experience, and each of us has our own ‘type,’ however, there are some broader personality traits and habits that tend to span a larger number.

In fact, ladies, there are some points that you should pay attention to because the majority of men find these points to be a complete turn-off. Why ruin your chances before you even get started?

Warning Ladies: Here Are 13 Things That Men Find Unattractive in A Woman

#1 – Poor Hygiene

This one should go without saying, however, it still needs to make the list. No one wants to be with a partner who can’t follow the basic rules of personal hygiene. If you can’t handle taking a shower, brushing your teeth or putting on clean clothing, then he’s definitely not interested.

#2 – Acting Like A Know-It-All

No one likes putting up with someone who believe that they know everything that there is to know about every topic. Own the things that you don’t know and be open to learning. Humbling yourself to admit that there are people with more knowledge in some areas of life will actually help you to grow and evolve.

#3 – Unable to Carry A Conversation

Guys are looking for a lady in their lives that is more than just a pretty face. They want to find someone they can enjoy spending time with, someone capable of carrying on a conversation. If you can’t engage with him for more than a couple seconds, he’s going to get bored pretty quickly.

#4 – Being Childish

Embracing your inner child from time to time can add a little fun to life, but there is a time and place for everything. If you’re unable to be an adult when the situation calls for it, then all he is going to see is someone that needs a constant babysitter and that’s more than most men are interested in signing on for.

#5 – Constant Negativity

No, the world isn’t always going to go perfectly. You are going to be faced with challenges, and you will need to learn to overcome them. However, don’t allow this to completely destroy your outlook on life. If you are constantly negative, that toxic outlook is going to tear down everyone around you. No man is going to want someone who brings nothing but doom and gloom to their life.

#6 – Wearing Too Much Makeup

Makeup can be a great opportunity to express yourself and show off your creative side, but if a woman is so reliant upon it that she refuses to be seen without it then it shows a lack of confidence in yourself. If you NEED makeup rather than simply enjoying wearing it, then many men see that as a complete turnoff. They’d rather find a woman who’s comfortable in her own skin.

#7 – Short Temper

You’re going to get mad or frustrated at one point or another in life, and that’s ok. If, however, you have a serious temper that is easily flared, that can send men running for the hills. After all, no one wants to live their lives walking on eggshells to avoid setting you off.

#8 – Desperation

There is nothing wrong with sharing occasionally if you want something from your partner, but if you’re overly needy, constantly begging for his attention at all times, then you’re going to kill your chances before the relationship even gets off the ground. Take a step back and give him room to breathe.

#9 – Always Nagging

You can make requests or point out things that bother you in your relationship but take time to consider just how picky you are being. Pick and choose your battles. Remember, you’re also not perfect. Would you want him constantly harping about everything about you that annoys him as well?

#10 – Overconfidence

Confidence is a great thing, however, there is a fine line between being an attractive, confident woman, and being TOO confident. Despite what you’d like to believe, you aren’t perfect, you do make mistakes, and you aren’t always right. Realizing and accepting this fact is actually a turn on, not being blindly overconfident.

#11 – Constant Mood Swings

I get it, you’re emotional, but there is something to be said about having some control over how much you allow those emotions to take over your life. It’s ok to feel a range of emotions, in fact it’s healthy, however, if life with you is one mood swing after another, then he’s not going to want to ride that crazy rollercoaster.

#12 – Trashing Your Ex

You may think that by doing this you are showing him that you’re over the men from your past, but completely trashing your ex actually has a negative impact on how he sees you. Why? Men are far more sensitive than they genuinely let on, and if you’re that critical about men from your past, he’s going to worry you’re just as critical about him. No guy wants that kind of drama.

#13 – Not Needing Him

This is a fine line and shouldn’t be taken as requiring you to step back to days gone by where women were believed to be incapable of caring for themselves. HOWEVER – Men want to feel as though they are needed and can be of help in your life. If you act as though you never need him, then he’s going to struggle to see how he fits into your life. Allow yourself to be vulnerable, helping one another is part of a relationship.

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