Narcissists are good at getting people to do the things they want them to do. When it comes to being manipulated by one, you most likely won’t realize it is even happening.

You see, narcissists are some of the most selfish people on the planet. If they want or feel like they need something from you, they will go above and beyond to force you into it. Below you will find a list of things that narcissists do most commonly to manipulate their partners. If you notice someone doing these things to you, cut and run!

13 Things Narcissists Do to Try and Manipulate Their Partners:

1. They will make you feel worthless.

They will do anything to tear you down once you disagree with them. All the things they said they liked about you suddenly become an issue. This is something they do to make you want to win back their affection.

2. They will become aggressive.

When you say no to the narcissist he or she will become aggressive 9 times out of 10. While sometimes they will try and work with you in different ways the more you resist the angrier he or she will become. This can be very dangerous depending on how severe the narcissist you are dealing with is.

3. They will play the victim.

They will try to make you out to be the bad person. You see, the narcissist is always the victim. Even when the issue at hand is their fault somehow they will find a way to make you or the people around you feel bad for them.

4. They will play the blame game.

The narcissist will always find a way to blame someone else for things they have done. They will make you think things are your fault that you cannot even control. This is never something that needs to be allowed to happen. If you can’t stop something, why are you getting blamed for it?

5. They will project and deflect.

Narcissists will try and make it seem as if you have the negative traits they have as a means of making their issues not sound as bad. Narcissists believe they are perfect so any insecurities or flaws they may have are projected onto those around them. DO NOT let someone do this to you.

6. They will belittle you.

They will call you names and tear you down. They lower your self-esteem to break you down, once you are broken you are more easily manipulated. Narcissists are good at tearing other people down.

7. They will gaslight you.

The narcissist will always try to make you seem crazy. When it comes to gaslighting the narcissist will literally have you questioning your reality. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you are crazy, facts are facts.

8. They will try to bring in a third person when ‘necessary.’

They will do their best to win an argument and this includes bringing third parties into the conversation. They will leave out important parts to try and make others be on their side. The narcissist will always try to make you out to be the bad person regardless of the situation.

9. They will insult you and yell at you.

The narcissist will resort to yelling at you to get you to do things. This is one of their last tricks but also most effective. No one likes to be yelled at.

10. They will shame you.

The narcissist will belittle you in all possible ways. He or she will make you feel worthless in all the worst ways. He or she will make you feel ashamed of yourself so that they can feel more powerful in general.

11. They will try to control everything you do.

The narcissist wants control over you and will stop at nothing to get it. He or she might cut you off from your friends and family. DO NOT let this happen.

12. They try to catch you off guard.

Catching you off guard makes you more likely to do what they want you to do. The narcissist will always keep you on your toes. You won’t ever know what to expect.

13. They will guilt trip you.

The narcissist is someone who is constantly guilt-tripping the people in his or her life. If they ever do something for you, know that comes with a price. Nothing ever comes free when dealing with a narcissist.

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