Sometimes it seems that the most amazing women end up having the most trouble finding someone to love. While this might seem crazy to you, chances are the men they are trying to pursue are seeing things you are unable to see.

Some of the best women end up single for longer because of many reasons. They might always go for the wrong kinds of men or they might just prefer being single. Regardless, to those of us from the outside looking in this is a bit unbelievable, isn’t it?

Below I am going to go over some of the reasons why some of the most incredible women struggle in love. These are reasons that will begin making sense as you continue forward. Sometimes the problem is much more complex than you’d think.

13 Reasons Why Some Of The Most Amazing Women Struggle to Find Love:

1. They are a bit too independent.

They are more independent than most people are equipped to handle. You see most men look for a partner that will want to lean on them from time to time. She is not one of those girls.

2. They tend to attract douchebags.

The only kind of guy they seem to actually date are the ones that are toxic from the get-go. Sometimes we attract the wrong kind of people and it is a cycle that can be hard to break. While it is something we can work through it takes time.

3. They don’t open up well.

If they aren’t able to open up well then someone might get bored before things end up where they’re supposed to be. While the right man will stick around if she is already looking in the wrong places there is a problem before her.

4. They have some of the most hard to accept quirks.

Sometimes it is hard to find someone that can put up with the weird things about us. While we might not think that she has any qualities that are too odd being with her on that level might prove otherwise. We just don’t know her as well as we think we do.

5. They come off as intimidating.

Sometimes she might come off as too intimidating. If she is really smart it will also prove to be a challenge. For some reason, men tend to run from women who are capable of outdoing them. While this is not all men it might be all the ones she has met so far.

6. They come off as too intense.

Women can sometimes come off as too intense. If they are quick to get attached or just come with too much baggage it can be overwhelming. This kind of thing is unavoidable most of the time.

7. Their standards are very high.

Sometimes we set our standards a bit too high. This isn’t always a bad thing and does show that we are not willing to settle but we have to be realistic. She might be shutting someone out because the person she really wants has not come around just yet.

8. They are quick to cut ties.

She is quick to cut ties with men who waste her time. She isn’t going to sit around and wait for a night in shining armor. To be honest, this is a good thing. All women should know better than to let others treat them like they can’t find better.

9. Their maturity gets in the way sometimes.

Sometimes women are just too mature for men their age. Finding a man that is on her level might not be as easy as you think it is. Just because she shows interest doesn’t mean anything is going to come of it.

10. They are focused more on their goals.

She might be too focused on her goals to think about love right now. She might not even want a relationship at all. At the end of the day if she wanted someone to be with she would find someone to be with.

11. They have too much going on.

Sometimes we have too much going on within our lives. She might want love but also want to get herself situated before looking for it. There is nothing wrong with that.

12. They don’t go out and meet new people often.

If she doesn’t like to go out how is she ever going to meet anyone? Sure, there are dating apps and other things of the sort but she is fine where she is. Let her do this on her own time.

13. They refuse to go on dates.

She might not ever say yes to anyone. Not because she doesn’t want to date at all but because she has a lot going on. Once again, if she refuses to date there is nothing that you can do about it. She has to do this on her own time in her own way.

Just because you think someone is incredible and deserves love doesn’t mean that they want it. Let them work through the things they are going through and if love happens then it happens. Just being there for her in the ways that you can will make a huge difference in her world.

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