So, you’ve found that ‘perfect woman,’ the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. Some say that finding her is the hardest part, however, the real work has just begun!

Relationships aren’t easy. They require a lot of hard work, patience, dedication, and devotion. In order to stand the test of time, you will both need to give 110% and be prepared for challenges along the way. Throughout the course of your relationship, there will be good times, and there will be some challenging ones. So long as you stand strong together and make an effort to put your partner first, you will be on the path to establish a happy and healthy relationship.


Apply these 12 tips in your relationship to keep your woman happy:

#1 – Always Support Her

When you enter into a relationship, you are a team. Show your woman that she can count on you to always be by her side by supporting her in everything that she does, and every situation that she faces. Encourage her, back her up, and show up when she needs you most, both physically and mentally.

#2 – Develop Relationship with Her Friends/Family

Her friends and family are the most important people in her life, people whose opinion she highly values. If you want to show her that you can truly fit into her life long-term, make an effort to get along with friends and family, developing healthy relationships with them. Show her that the people who are important to her are also important to you.

#3 – Do Your Share of the Housework

If you currently live with your woman, it is important that you step up and take care of your share of the household chores. It is unfair to burden her with the bulk of the work, and you don’t want to give her the impression that you see her as your maid or servant. Showing her that you are willing to take on an even workload demonstrates your commitment to be a team.

#4 – Meet Her Sexual Needs

While many of us will express the fact that we view sex as an important aspect of our relationship, both partners need to make an active effort to prioritize the sexual needs of their partner. If you are selfish in the bedroom she will notice! The sexual connection between couples is an important manifestation of the physical and emotional bond that you share.

#5 – Don’t Stop Dating Her

Don’t take your woman for granted. Just because you’ve ‘got her’ doesn’t mean you should stop dating her. Work date night into your regular schedule, and put effort into the dates that you plan. This is a great opportunity to connect with one another, enjoy each other’s company and maintain some fun in your relationship.

#6 – Always Stay Loyal

If you are expecting to keep your woman in a loyal, committed relationship, you need to ensure that you are staying committed to her as well. She has given you her heart, don’t take that for granted! Show her that she is a true priority, the focus of your love and affection, and never put her in the position to feel second best to anyone.


#7 – Give Her Your Undivided Attention

Make the effort to remove the distractions in your life and truly pay attention to her. This includes putting down your cell phone, closing the laptop, shutting off the television and pushing all unrelated thoughts from your mind long enough to fully pay attention to what she is saying or doing in that moment.

#8 – Show Her Respect

A relationship is a team, and both teammates need to love, trust and respect one another. Avoid treating her like a child, talking down to her, putting her down, trivializing her feelings or acting as though you are somehow more ‘important’ in your relationship. You are both equals, each bringing something important to the relationship. Treat her like your equal.

#9 – Prioritize Communication

Arguably one of the most important things that you can focus on in your relationship – always keep the lines of communication open in your relationship. This includes not only discussing the good things, or the areas of your life that you are happy with, but also the less pleasant, awkward or upsetting things that need to be addressed.

#10 – Show an Interest in Her Interests

If there is something that you know she deems to be of importance in her life, make an effort to incorporate it into your own life or at least give it a try. For example, if she is a true hockey fan, attend a game with her. Take the time to learn what is happening, showing her that you genuinely tried. She isn’t going to expect you to recite all the game stats for a team over the last 5 years, but the fact you’ve put an effort forward says a lot about how much you care.

#11 – Never Withhold Love

If you start playing games in your relationship you are handing her the knife with which she will cut you out of her life. Show her that you love her and express your love openly and regularly. This will create feelings of trust and security, communicating to her that you are on the same page and want a long-term relationship with her.

#12 – Practice Forgiveness

We are all human, and as human beings, we will all make errors and mistakes in our lives. Don’t allow these mistakes to define your partner. You are not perfect, so how can you expect them to be? Instead of judging, holding grudges or looking down upon them, make a point of genuinely forgiving, accepting and loving them – quirks and all.

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