“Empaths did not come into this world to be victims, we came to be warriors. Be brave. Stay strong. We need all hands on deck.” – Anthon St. Maarten

Empaths are the healers of the world, sent to our planet to bring peace, comfort and guidance to all those in times of need. They understand the feelings of those around them at a level that most of us can’t even begin to imagine, genuinely connecting with everyone that they meet. This connection allows them to truly comprehend that which they are struggling with, climbing directly into the hold with those who need them most, working alongside them to help them climb out to freedom.

While the concept appears to be easy enough to understand, an empath is anything but a ‘simple’ individual. Their complex emotions and incredible gift can make them difficult to understand at times, baffling their friends and family. If you are an empath, or believe that you may be an empath, learning the way your own mind works may help to unlock your abilities and empower you to manage the ups and downs of your own life.

Do you find that when you are in a crowd of people, your energy and emotions begin to shift with no reasonable explanation? Once content and at peace, do you suddenly find yourself angry or sad, but unaware of what may have caused these feelings? These are signs that you may be manifesting the emotions of others in the room, one of the many indications that you can watch for.

Here are 12 strange signs that you may be an authentic empath:

#1 – Broken and struggling people are attracted to you everywhere that you go.

Many believe that the people you attract in life are largely people who share similar thoughts, feelings, emotions, and values in life. This isn’t necessarily true. You are a healer, blessed with an incredible light and joy in this life. Those that are most often drawn to you don’t share this life. Instead, they are the broken individuals that require your help the most.

#2 – Friends and family often tell you that you give too much of yourself.

While some people struggle to put others first, held back by their own selfish desires, you have the opposite problem. Your desire to care for and help everyone that you meet can often leave to great personal sacrifice as you willingly give of yourself without so much as a second thought. You do have to remember, however, that if you give too much you will put yourself in a position where you have nothing left to give. You need to care for yourself as well.

#3 – You find yourself completely drained after even the shortest period of time around others.

This one is incredibly different for those on the outside to understand. Sure, it makes sense to feel tired and worn out if you have been in a large party situation, but even just grabbing coffee with a small group of friends can leave you feeling completely exhausted. Why? Taking on the energy and problems of those around you is a lot for any one person to handle.

#4 – Highly emotional and caring, you are an overly sensitive person at all times.

When you connect with someone’s energy, you connect on a deep and emotional level. This allows you to not only recognize their problems, struggles and difficulties but to truly feel the pain that they are feeling. This is an important quality of an empath, but also one that leaves you dealing with heightened emotions throughout your life. The smallest trigger can lead to a waterfall of tears.

#5 – You are a gifted and compassionate emotional healer.

While we have mentioned many times that, as an empath, you can sense the energy and the emotions of those that are around you, there is more to it. Your job doesn’t end the moment that you sense something is wrong. Instead, you take it to the next level by assisting those who are struggling with taking the necessary steps to let go of and heal from their pain.

#6 – You can’t avoid taking on the energy of those around you, even if It’s negative.

Others may look at you a little oddly, but when you’re spending time around others you can’t help but pick up on their feelings, emotions, and energy. Why is this odd? You may enter a room feeling as happy as can be only to find yourself picking up on the anger and frustration that someone else nearby. Before you know it, you’re overcome with this same anger, with no idea why.

#7 – The greatest place for you to rest and recharge is outdoors surrounded by nature.

You may not be able to explain why it works so well, but surrounding yourself with plants, wildlife, the ocean or other examples of natural beauty will bring you peace and comfort. This provides you with the perfect opportunity to rest, recuperate and heal from the incredible demand that being an empath places on you physically, mentally and emotionally.

#8 – You try your hardest to avoid spending time in a crowd.

This may come across to many as being anti-social, but it has nothing to do with whether or not you want to socialize with the rest of the world. Crowds can be incredibly overwhelming as you find yourself experiencing the emotions of everyone around you all at the same time. It’s more than any one person should be expected to take on at any given moment.

#9 – Able to see one’s true intentions, you are able to detect liars a mile away.

Due to the fact that you pick up not only on what people are telling you but also on their thoughts, feelings, and energy, you can read further into someone’s intentions than just their words and body language. While they may be able to fool others, you can tell the truth from a lie with a level of accuracy that intimidates most people. No one’s going to pull the wool over your eyes!

#10 – You have an incredibly detailed and accurate sense of intuition.

While it is said that everyone has a sense of intuition, there is no denying the fact that there is something unique and special about yours. You may not be able to put your finger on exactly why, but you are often able to predict what someone is feeling and understand their true intentions without even sharing a couple words. Others are often leery of your gift, believing that you are somehow faking it entirely.

#11 – Focused on the struggles of those around you, you often forget your own problems.

You are so incredibly focused on the pain and struggling of everyone else around you all the time that it consumes you. Your energy and focus are completely wrapped up in how you can help them, and your own problems are shelved and eventually forgotten about. Word of caution, just because you put them aside doesn’t mean your problems will stay there until such time that you decide to return your focus in that direction. Eventually, you will be forced to deal with these issues when they completely blow up.

#12 – Your dream home would be out in the country, away from the majority of the population.

Let’s be honest, when you share your dream home with others, they may look at you a little odd or ask if you are a hermit in disguise. Why is this? Due to the fact that being around people can be so incredibly draining for an empath, they often find themselves gravitating to a home well outside the populated areas. This is like their safe haven, a place where they can rest and recharge free from the worries and struggles of the world.

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