Strong women do not face relationships in the same ways that other women do. They do not dive into them without making sure that they know what they are getting into.

Below I am going to go over the things strong women tend to do differently in their relationships and with love in general. They handle things in their own ways and really make sure they are still putting their own needs first. Strong women are often overlooked because of some of these things but if you ever find yourself in a relationship with a strong woman, don’t lose her.

12 Things Strong Women Do Differently In Their Relationships and Why:

1. She refuses to put up with toxic people.

A strong woman is not going to want to deal with anybody else’s shit. She isn’t going to let people pull her down or use her as a doormat. She will cut ties quickly if you seem toxic.

2. She will face conflict head-on.

A strong woman is always going to be willing to face the problems before her. She won’t run and hide or try to avoid them. She will do what needs to be done and if that means coming to you about something, so be it.

3. She handles her emotions properly.

A strong woman will not lash out, she will think things over and then address the issues. She isn’t going to act out of momentary anger over something that doesn’t really matter. She is more collected than that.

4. She won’t let anyone ‘save’ her.

A strong woman isn’t going to need anyone to come in and save. She is going to hold her own and really take care of herself. Sure, she might need help (and isn’t afraid to ask for it) from time to time, but she isn’t a damsel in distress. If need be she can do whatever it is without assistance.

5. She will not neglect herself.

A strong woman will not neglect herself. She will keep up with her self-care because she knows that she is important. She won’t put her all into someone else and forget her own wants and needs.

6. She doesn’t give up her dreams.

A strong woman isn’t going to be willing to give up her dreams and she shouldn’t be asked to. She is going to chase her dreams regardless of her love life. She will get there, with or without you.

7. She cannot be controlled.

A strong woman cannot be controlled. She is not a bird to be caged. Her life is her life and whether you choose to be in it or not is completely up to you.

8. She expects a team effort.

A strong woman expects you to pull your own weight. She won’t provide for you completely. You both are bringing something to the table in the relationship and everyone’s needs are being met.

9. She doesn’t get jealous like other women do.

A strong woman isn’t going to get jealous like other women do, she gets jealous but not in the same way. She gets jealous in ways that can be managed, she doesn’t just come screaming at you. If she has had enough, she will make it clear.

10. She won’t put up with mind games.

A strong woman won’t put up with anyone’s mind games. If you are trying to play with her heart or her head then move on. She isn’t going to put up with you for long at all.

11. She doesn’t have unrealistic expectations.

A strong woman is going to have realistic expectations. She isn’t going to make things out to be more than they are or try to make you feel bad for not being perfect. She knows what really matters when it comes to dating.

12. She will not tolerate lying.

A strong woman is not going to let anyone lie to her. If you get caught in a lie then that is all on you. She will cut ties and you will not be hearing from her again.

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