You fell head over heels in love, determined this was the man you would spend the rest of your life with, or is he? If his recent actions have you second-guessing whether he truly cares, then it’s time to take a step back and reassess the situation.

Love comes and goes in stages. When you first met, it was love at first sight. You knew the second that your eyes met that you were meant to be together. The whirlwind romance that followed was like something straight off the pages of a romance novel. Yet, in time, you began to second guess just how he was feeling. Have his feelings changed? As we grow and evolve throughout life, not only do we become somebody new, our interests begin to change as well.

Beware these 12 signs that your boyfriend’s feelings towards you have changed:

#1 – When you are out in public, he’s regularly checking out other women.

There is nothing wrong with acknowledging that someone else is attractive, but there is a distinct difference between noticing this and seriously checking someone out. Where is his attention at when you’re out in public? Are you still the center of his world, or are his eyes wandering somewhere else? If he’s too busy checking out other women to see what he’s got right in front of him, then he’s ‘just not that into you’.

#2 – He no longer initiates any physical contact or affection.

Physical touch is a huge part of a healthy relationship, ranging from the innocence of hand holding right up to the wild experiences that happen in the bedroom (or outside of it). If he truly has feelings for you, then he’s going to crave this affection as much as you do, moving in to give you a kiss or initiating your latest romp. If, however, you notice that he no longer has an interest in physical contact, this is a sign that something isn’t working.

#3 – The phrase ‘I Love You’ is no longer in his vocabulary.

This is, arguably, the most obvious of the signs. Pay careful attention to the things that he is, or isn’t, saying to you. If you were at a stage that phrases like ‘I love you’ were a regular part of your relationship, and that is suddenly absent, this is a sign that something has fundamentally changed. It may sound a little silly, after all, it’s just three words, but these three words have such a deep and important meaning when it comes to your connection.

#4 – He no longer tries to comfort you or make you feel better when you’re upset.

When a guy cares deeply about you, there’s nothing that he wants more than to see you smile. If anything comes up in life that upsets you or brings you down, he’s going to step up and do what he can to bring this smile back – comforting you and supporting you. The moment you notice that he’s no longer interested in putting this effort forward, take that as a sign.

#5 – Not only does he regularly cancel your dates, but he does it last minute.

What does it mean if a guy makes plans with you only to bail at the last possible second? He’s not concerned with your feelings or how his actions may impact your life, thinking only about himself in the situation. He may have made plans with you originally thinking ‘why not, it’s fun’ however if something more interesting comes along he feels no loyalty to you or your time. This is a guy who no longer respects you, which is definitely not relationship material!

#6 – He spends all his time with ‘the guys’, and he no longer invites you to join them.

There is nothing wrong with spending a little time with the guys, in fact, many relationships experts will argue that spending time apart is important for a happy, healthy relationship. However, if you notice that he’s no longer inviting you to spend time with his friends, while spending an ever-increasing amount of time apart, take note. This is a guy who is slowly pulling away, re-establishing his single life once again. Once he’s comfortable again in his old life, he won’t hesitate to let you go.

#7 – He tries to force you to change aspects of yourself.

When you’re genuinely in love, you look past some of the flaws and quirks of your partner. You’ve likely heard before that ‘love makes you blind’, and this is true on many levels. However, as those feelings begin to change he may start noticing these aspects of your personality more, becoming annoyed by them. If you notice that he’s annoyed more often, complaining all the time or irritated by your regularly when he wasn’t before, take note.

#8 – Arguments involve him dragging up errors from your past.

You’ve made mistakes, we all have, it’s part of being human. However, a relationship should not involve keeping score. If you notice that every argument suddenly leads to him bringing up errors and mistakes from your past, he is more interested in ‘winning’ than anything, with no consideration for your thoughts or feelings.

#9 – He is no longer interested in deep or meaningful conversations.

There may have been a time where you could talk for hours on end, engaging in meaningful conversations about everything and anything – but that’s all changed. If you feel like you’re talking but he’s not hearing you, or that you’re pulling teeth to get him to respond to you at all, then his interest is somewhere else entirely. He no longer prioritizes what you’re thinking or feeling in any given situation, so he no longer encourages you to share it.

#10 – He suddenly struggles to find time for you in his schedule at all.

If he is no longer willing to make time for you in his day, then it is time to acknowledge that you are no longer a priority in his life. If he truly cared for you and wanted you to be part of his life, he would find a way to make time for you. If he’s not putting the effort in, then it’s time to reconsider whether you should be putting your time and energy into this relationship. It may be over already.

#11 – You are the one that is always making first contact.

While you may feel as though you are still talking regularly, pay attention to who is making first contact. Does he ever reach out to see how you are doing, or do you feel like the only reason you hear from him at all is that you make the effort to call him first? If you are always the one to make the first contact, this is a sign that you’re not crossing his mind as often as you would like. In fact, he may not be thinking about you all that much at all any longer…

#12 – He starts comparing you to other girls.

A man that is truly in love only has eyes for you, however, if those eyes have started to wonder, then you may find him comparing you to the other women around you. Some comparisons he may start making include your physical appearance, your style, your personality or the things that you have accomplished in life. If he makes you feel anything less than the stunning, talented catch that you are, then he’s not the one for you.

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