Sometimes, we go through things in life that we simply cannot explain. There are many different kinds of mystical experiences and things of the sort waiting for us to face them and when we do, amazing things come forth.

A mystical experience could include a wide number of things. It could be a mere feeling, a vision, or a literal change in your reality or at least your perception of reality. These kinds of things are all a part of the awakening process and help us to grow closer to where we need to be in our spiritual world.

Below I am going to go over some of the signs that might indicate you have gone through something like this. Some of the signs will be quite apparent and others you might really have to search for. It just depends on where you are spiritually and what the Universe really has in store for you. Mystical experiences help us grow and should not be feared. Dive into the unknown and see where it takes you.

12 Signs You Have Gone Through a Mystical Experience:

1. The experience itself, whatever it is, changes you.

Mystical experiences are meant to help you grow in ways you would not have been able to otherwise. They teach you things and change you in ways you cannot explain. You will never be the same.

2. You feel much more connected with the Universe than you did before.

Mystical experiences bring you closer to the Universe and help you to connect with the source on a much deeper level. While this one is something that cannot be described well, if you have gone through it you know the feeling I am talking about. Everything just feels much more personal.

3. You cannot quite make sense of the things that this experience brought forth.

Mystical experiences really help you to see things that you never thought you would. These things cannot be explained and don’t always make sense. They don’t have to, as they are meant for you to take as you will and make something out of.

4. The experience itself cannot be explained.

Mystical experiences cannot be explained away. They do not make sense and never will. They are what they are.

5. You felt like time was standing still during the experience.

During the mystical experience, you literally felt like time had stopped. When things like this happen it makes you pause everything and take a hard look at who and what you are. It puts much more into perspective than you’d ever assume.

6. This experience really caught you off guard.

This mystical experience caught you off guard, as it came out of nowhere. You never see them coming. They are never expected and always change everything.

7. You now feel much more yourself.

Now that you have gone through this mystical experience, you feel so much more yourself than you have been. You are able to really identify more with the world around you and make sense of things. Your true colors are coming out.

8. You experience ego-loss.

Mystical experiences sometimes cause you to go to through something known as ego-loss. Ego-loss is crucial for your journey at one point or another. It helps you to finally be able to move forward to a new section of understanding with your higher self.

9. You now understand something that you cannot explain.

Mystical experiences usually bring forth messages, and they teach us things that we understand in our minds but cannot find words for. Everything makes sense and yet does not make sense at the same time. It is a magical thing, to say the least.

10. You become much more thankful and in awe of the world before you.

Mystical experiences really push us to be more thankful and they really inspire us. They show us that this world has so much more to offer. They push us to reach our true potential.

11. Something that was bothering you before seems to have melted away.

Mystical experiences really put things into perspective. All of the small things that once seemed so big are nowhere near bothering you at this point. You are finally able to relax on a new level.

12. That experience in itself feels very personal for you.

Your mystical experience feels like something you don’t want to share with others for the most part. It is a personal experience that you want to hold close within your being. You couldn’t find the words to explain it even if you tried.

Image via Barb Smith

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