There are a lot of different kinds of personalities in this world. Some are very common and others are not.

There are a lot of different traits and things, in general, that might make your personality seem more one of a kind than the rest but is it really? What sets you apart from the rest of the people around you? Chances are you aren’t quite sure but whether you have a rare personality or not you are special.

Below I am going to go over some of the things that might indicate you are someone who has a one of a kind personality. There are not very many people with all of these traits in this world and if you are one of them you should be proud. While some of these things might be a bit hard on you if you get through it without letting this world break you, you are doing better than some of us.

12 Signs You Have A One Of A Kind Personality:

1. You know you care deeper than most people.

You know that other people don’t see things the same way that you do. You are aware that you are more sensitive than the rest of the world. You are not oblivious to your obvious gift.

2. You hate loud noises.

You are not a fan of loud noises. They shock you and really throw you out of your comfort zone. While you can handle them they really get on your nerves.

3. You avoid drama and don’t let yourself stay in toxic relationships.

You will not allow yourself to get drowned in the bullshit this world throws your way. When a toxic relationship presents itself you walk the other way. This is a hard thing to do and most people cannot.

4. You are very efficient.

You are able to get things done with ease. You really push yourself and it is a good thing. You don’t let yourself get sidetracked.

5. You are without a doubt an empath.

You are able to really feel the things other people feel. You can and do take on their emotions whether you want to or not. You resonate with what they are going through and it becomes your problem as well.

6. You would rather be alone than surrounded by others.

You need your alone time and when it comes to going out and doing things you’d rather not. You like sitting at home and spending time with yourself. Recharging is necessary and you need to do it often.

7. You love all things intellectually stimulating.

You love books, museums, and everything else most people aren’t too fond of. You like deep meaningful conversations and small talk is annoying. You want to be intellectually stimulated when it comes to things you find ‘interesting’ or fun.

8. Sometimes you contradict most of these things sometimes.

Sometimes these things are the complete opposite. There are confilicting thing within you that cause contradictions. You are not a cut and dry kind of person.

9. Other people are attracted to your presence.

Other people always want to be around you. Strangers come up to you all the time and strike a conversation. You really struggle to avoid others.

10. You put your thoughts into action.

You get shit done when it needs to be. You always put your thoughts to work and make things happen. You know that if you want something to happen you have to take the steps to make it happen.

11. You don’t fit in with other people.

You always feel out of place, because you are not like other people. No one truly understands you.

12. You can’t help but question everything.

You question everything, even things you shouldn’t. You are not quick to trust others and you never set yourself up to fail. You always have a plan for everything, this includes quite a few backup plans as well.

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