INFJ personality is a personality type that only 2 percent of the population across the globe have. People with this personality type are mysterious and highly emotionally intelligent.

INFJ is for those who do not know one of the 16 Myers and Briggs personality types. This personality type is one that does not like to bring much attention tothemselves, andd they can be a little hard to spot because they have some pretty conflicting personality traits. Below you will find a list of traits most INFJ’s have, are you an INFJ?

1. They always see the big picture and invest in long-term.

They always weigh out their options before making a move. If something is not good enough they will figure out a better way.

2. They are hardworking.

They work hard and will always do the job correctly even if they have to plan out all the tiny little details.

3. They trust their gut feelings.

They are deep thinkers who are highly intuitive. While they do go over all the possible outcomes of everything in their minds they also know when their gut tells them to do something that they should do it.

4. They are truth seekers.

INFJs seek a deeper meaning for everything happening in this universe.

5. They do not like to work with people who disagree with them.

They prefer small groups of people instead of large ones. If you don’t agree with them and cannot come to some sort of common ground they will up and cut you out of everything.

6. They are good at comforting people.

They are great at providing the shoulder you need to cry on.

7. They can read people.

They can see people for who they truly are if you have bad intentions chances are they can tell.

8. They are often lonely.

Even in a room full of people they still feel like the odd man out. This is because they are so ‘different.’

9. They are either all or nothing.

They value quality over quantity and if you are not putting in your best efforts they want nothing to do with you.

10. They are full of contradictions.

They are always going from one end of the spectrum to the other. This sometimes makes them hard to follow.

11. They are great at connecting the dots.

Figuring things out is one of their strong points. If you can’t find an answer you may want to go to an INFJ for advice.

12. They are writers, not talkers.

The INFJ, for the most part, wants to get things out with paper and pen over word of mouth. Writing is a means of bringing an end to all the chaos going on in their minds. If you want an INFJ to talk on the phone unexpectedly chances are there will be quite a few moments of silence.

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