Mystic beings are a lot like crystal children but do have some differences. These people may not be as spiritually guided as those who are of the crystal variety but they are still quite important.

These are the people who are in-between, the ones who are meant to support those crystal children and really build the foundation for their own paths rather than going down one already laid out for them. People of this variety have a specific kind of temperament. They can be a bit confusing but are all the while pretty fantastic. Below you will find a list of signs that point to whether or not you are a natural mystic being.

12 Signs You Are an All Natural Mystic Being:

1. You see things from all perspectives.

You are able to look at things from the perspectives of others. This makes you the best person to go to for advice. Sure, you may favor your own opinion but that doesn’t mean you can’t see things from the point of view of someone else.

2. You are a rule-breaker but only within reason.

You break rules that need to be broken. When something is set in place just to waste your time or do you harm you will not stand for it. But hey, some rules were meant to be broken now weren’t they?

3. You believe we all have our own power within.

You know that there is a power inside of you and you will not let anyone take it away. You see the light shining inside everyone you come across and it is magical. The power within is much more than you think, it can work wonders for us all.

4. You know how important growth truly is.

Those who are true mystic beings know that growing is something we never stop doing. They know that we grow in many ways and that we all grow at our own paces. This is something we should all learn to accept whether we are mystic or not.

5. You believe there is something special about every single person you encounter.

You know that we all have something special inside of us. Sure, some people are a bit sour and you cannot see their good side right away but it is there. You believe everyone has good somewhere inside of them.

6. Your intuition is important to you.

Your intuition is something you value big time. No one can sway you to ignore it. You know that when your insides are telling you something you should be listening.

7. You do not accept empty answers.

You are not one to accept answers that lack meaning. A mere yeah or nah is not going to do it for you. When you ask for an explanation you are going to get one.

8. You do not let people walk all over you.

You are not going to be a doormat. When people try to walk all over you, you make it known that you are no toy. People do not like how outspoken you are but they do eventually get the point.

9. You are always asking questions.

You are someone who questions everything. People cannot get in your way when it comes to learning all that you can. You are someone who will not pretend to know answers when you haven’t even asked questions.

10. You are constantly helping others.

You are someone with a kind heart. You help other people as much as you can. If you can do something for someone else and not harm yourself or your wellbeing in general, you will.

11. You have trouble accepting the things you do not understand.

You don’t like to accept things you don’t understand. This relates back to your strong will and need to question everything. This is actually a good thing, for the most part, to be completely honest.

12. You are not one to give up easily.

You do not give up ever. You are someone who is more than willing to fight for what you believe in. If something needs to be done you will keep trying until you get it done.

Image via the Goddess Circle

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