We all go through different kinds of relationships in our lives. Some of those relationships are healthy and properly functioning and the rest of them are either toxic or just too full of conflict.

Everyone wants a healthy functioning relationship, but most people are not even aware of what that really even entails. There is a lot more to it than you’d think and just because you aren’t about to tear one another’s heads off doesn’t mean things are functioning properly. Below I am going to go over what signs you might notice that will indicate you are exactly where you need to be.

12 Signs That Your Relationship Is Actually A Happy and Healthy One:

1. You both communicate properly with one another.

You are able to talk to one another about anything. Everything goes over well and no one is overly controlling of the other. Everyone is free to speak their minds.

2. You both grow together.

You are both growing together. You push one another to be better versions of yourselves. Nothing is holding you back, and your support system is forever present.

3. You both see a future together.

You both have plans for the future together. No one is planning on moving off and leaving the other. Everyone is on the same page.

4. Your values and goals are similar/the same.

You are both on the same page with your values and goals as well. For instance, you both either are wanting a family or not wanting a family and so forth. This is something most people forget to consider.

5. Everyone is putting forth the same amount of effort.

Everyone is putting an effort in to make things work. No one is doing more than the other and everyone is content. All of your and his or her needs are met.

6. Everyone is free to have the alone time they want/need.

Everyone is able to do the things they want to do. If you want alone time you can have alone time without feeling attacked for doing so. This is a great feeling.

7. You do fight from time to time but everything gets sorted out.

When you fight with one another you also work things out. Nothing ever goes unsolved and you both make efforts to fix things. This is important to both of you.

8. Everyone’s opinion matters.

You take the opinion of your partner into consideration as he or she does yours as well. No one is being taken advantage of and everyone is being taken care of emotionally. This is also very important.

9. You both treat one another kindly.

You are both kind to one another. No one is overly controlling or rude. Everyone is being taken care of properly.

10. Decisions are never one-sided.

When a decision needs to be made it is never a one-sided decision. You both make decisions that affect one another and consider the other person. If this is not present in the relationship it will never work.

11. Trust is very present within the relationship.

You can trust each other big time. There is nothing that makes you question him or her and what they might be doing. You know that you will not be betrayed.

12. You both feel safe together.

You make one another feel safe. You feel as if you are able to comfort each other in some of the best ways. Nothing is tearing you apart and everything is pushing you together.


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