Honesty is such an important factor when it comes to sustaining a healthy relationship. While we must be honest if we ever want to find the one, there are just some things all women keep a secret from her man.

Even the most honest nun would keep these things from a man. You know it, I know it, and he probably knows it too. It’s not that you have something to hide. You’re not lying about anything, but some things are truly best left unknown. Every person on Earth has at least a few things they don’t share with anyone else, and I mean anyone! You know it, you’re probably thinking about it right now. You’re shuddering as you envision the way people would react to this best-withheld secret of yours. While we all have some things we don’t share, All women keep these 12 things a secret from her man – and I mean All!

1. Keeping A Check On Exes

Even though she is obviously the superior, I mean who did he end up choosing anyway? You. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t all check up on the exes of our men – because we do. You have to keep a check on things and make sure nothing is fishy. Even if you have the most concrete foundation of trust, we still are drawn to checking up on his exes.

2. How Great Our Old Sex Life Was

We also never share anything about our sex life with our men. I mean, of course, nobody wants to hear about an ex. But, when he asked about it being the best you ever had, you can’t tell him that John Doe was much better!

3. We Like The Jealousy

I’m sure all women can agree that it’s nice to see a man get jealous of you. It just makes you feel appreciated and it’s kinda sexy! You might even be guilty of provoking a little bit. Although we can’t admit it, we seriously love when you’re jealous.

4. Hygiene

No matter how comfortable they may get, a woman is never going to share the information about her hygiene with you. You just don’t need to know about that kind of stuff, not that any guy would. However, some things are just better left unsaid.

5. Our Friends Know Everything

Yes, we may deny it and they will too, but our friends know absolutely everything. Women tell their closest friends even the smallest of interesting information regarding the relationship, or you. More importantly, they all know how good you are in bed!

6. You Get Compared To Her Ex A Lot

It’s not that anything is wrong with you because she is obviously with you for a reason. However, she was involved with her ex and she can’t help but compare the two of you. She subconsciously does this on an almost regular basis.

7. Masturbation

Women do not typically share any details with her man regarding masturbating. For some reason, men might wonder this often, but it’s just none of their business! Women just don’t share anything when it comes to playing single player.

8. Women Date For Sex

It’s not like women only date for sex because no woman is afraid to put her heart in a real relationship. However, if she’s not looking for any long-term plans she might be dating you for the sex.

9. Women Might Fantasize During Sex

If a woman is specifically attracted to another person at the moment she might even fantasize about you being them. They’re not proud of it, but it definitely happens.

10. We Like Being Independent

It’s definitely nice to have a man pay for your meal and fill your car up with gasoline, but women like to be independent too. It’s fantastic that you offer no matter what, but why not let us get the check one day? We actually like that sometimes.

11. What Happens At Girls Night Stays At Girls Night

Girls nights are typically an ice cream and chick flick festival, but sometimes when they go out some stuff can go down. Needless to say, women don’t share real details about girls night!

12. We Always Put In Extra Effort To Look Good For You

We can’t really help doing this and we hate to admit it. We can’t stand the thought of another girl catching your eye so we do a lot to make sure it’s on us. No matter what we are usually doing a little bit to look good just for you.

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