Sure, we all tell small lies from time to time, there is no way to deny that. However, there are also people in this world who are incapable of telling the truth even if it means literally saving their own lives.

Compulsive liars tend to have a need to exaggerate when they lie where-as pathological liars are much bolder than compulsive liars. They will continue to lie even when they know that you know that they are lying. Neither one of these kinds of liars have been studied as intensively as they need to be so while we know a good bit about them, we do not know nearly enough.

Regardless of the reasons why we lie we all do it on some level. Some of us lie to impress others or even make someone else feel better. You can lie with good intentions, not everyone who lies hopes to gain from it.

With that being said, spotting a liar is not always as easy as we want it to be. There are lots of chronic liars out there that we need to be aware of. If someone is doing the following you need to consider that they are most likely a liar. Sure, lying could be a symptom of some kind of underlying issue but for now, we can’t be sure.

12 Signs You are In The Presence of A Real Liar:

1. Their lies always make them ‘sound better.’

The lies they tell you are always lies that make him or her look better. They want to gain from their lies, and nothing they say benefits anyone but themselves.

2. They are very dramatic.

These people always have some kind of intense story to tell. They are constantly coming up with new dramatic things to talk about. They most likely think drama is entertaining, but we are not children, drama is merely drama.

3. Their stories are always changing.

They lie to try and keep you from uncovering their lies. They are forever changing their stories details and even when you catch them in a lie they won’t admit that it is a lie. Nothing ever matches up as it should.

4. They are quick with their responses as if they have rehearsed their words.

These people know exactly what to say to every question that you bring up. It is as if they rehearsed the possible things you might say before even coming around you; chances are, they did.

5. Everything they tell you is hard to believe.

Nothing they say is realistic; everything is too over the top and unrealistic. They just don’t seem capable of all they claim to have achieved.

6. They are not trustworthy.

They are not someone you would tell your secrets to. They always share things with everyone. You can’t tell them shit without them making it known to the whole world.

7. They seem to have low self-esteem.

These people do not like themselves. They are often very upset within their bodies and lives. You will not see them down and out, but they hate themselves more than you know. Jealousy causes a lot of liars to lie.

8. They seem to be seeking attention.

Liars are always seeking attention. They are always trying to show off or make people look their way. If you do not pay attention to them they sometimes become quite angry.

9. They are defensive when you question them.

When you question their lies or catch them in one they become quite defensive. This is because they do not want to admit that they are lying. A liar will go to great lengths to keep from admitting to what they are doing.

10. They must get the last word in.

These kinds of people love to get the last word in. They will keep on and on until they are able to. Sometimes it is best to just give up instead of going back and forth.

11. They like to play the victim.

These people like to paint themselves as victims. Something bad is always happening to them. Sure, they may not be going through as much as those around them, but they will damn sure try to make it seem like they are.

12. They are quick to change the subject when you begin pushing.

They will change the subject with the snap of a finger if it means helping them keep a lie going. They can tell when you are going to be questioning things are often looking for new ways to distract you. Liars are good at what they do.

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