We all know that there are a lot more to the things inside our food than we are led to believe. We are constantly being pushed unhealthy preservatives, hormones, GMOs, dyes, and so much more.

While some of these things will be hard to believe they are all true. Below I am going to go over some of the worst food companies and some of the things that make them so terrible. While some of these companies will be sub-companies of other companies, not all of them are. It is important to look into who owns what names you are ingesting because generally, there is a lot more to it than just the label. Just because it has another name doesn’t mean it isn’t full of shit.

(Also, please keep in mind these are not in order.)

12 Of The Worst Food Companies:

1. Kraft Foods (Mondelez)

Kraft is a brand that works hard to hide the presence of GMOs in their foods and they much like other big brands are constantly fighting to keep labels off of GMOs. They have had massive recall scares and didn’t until recently begin removing dangerous Yellow No. 6 from their Mac N’ Cheese products.

2. Nestle

This company, as you might know, is responsible for the deaths of tons of babies. You can read more about that by clicking here. Now, as if that wasn’t bad enough in more recent times (back in 2008) they used traces of something known as melamine in their products and this caused at least 50,000 Chinese infants to become quite ill.

3. Campbell’s Soup Company

Campbell’s has been through quite a few lawsuits. They were in the past sued for hiding the presence of GMOs and for labeling foods as low-sodium when they were nowhere near. These ‘low-sodium’ products actually contained just as much salt as their regular products.

4. PepsiCo

PepsiCo is just as bad as Coca-Cola. They use ingredients that are considered to be linked to cancer and promote obesity in pushing their products. Pepsi is FULL of sugar fructose.

5. General Mills

Did you know GM uses ‘very small amounts’ of Trisodium Phosphate in their frozen and processed foods? This being something that the EPA has declared as unsafe for human exposure. This is just one of many dangerous ingredients lurking around the GM brand.

6. Kellogg’s

Kellogg’s spends lots of money trying to ensure that pro-GMO propaganda is spread around the web. They use lots and lots of GMOs in their products and we should be avoiding them. For those who do not know Kellogg’s also owns things like Pringles, Nutrigrain, and Eggo.

7. Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola really takes the cake. It has quite a few chemical additives that are considered to be detrimental to our health. One of these compounds that was used for far too long is actually Sodium Benzoate which is a compound that literally damages human DNA.

8. Heinz

Each squirt of that delicious ketchup holds not only tomato but also pesticides. Many of the things found in ketchup are not necessarily what one would consider being healthy. To be completely honest it might even end up dehydrating your body and depleting you of minerals. It also contains a lot of high fructose corn syrup which could be lowering women’s fertility rates.

9. Unilever

While you might not be familiar with this name you will be familiar with some of the brands this company owns. unilever owns brands like Breyers, Lipton, and even SlimFast. This company has been found to have some pretty shady things going on. For instance, back in 2016, they were in a dispute over the fact that one of their manufacturing plants was somehow causing serious mercury poisoning to the workers. Can you imagine how unhealthy the food might be if those making it are literally coming down with mercury poisoning?

10. MARS

MARS is easily the largest or one of the largest confectionary giants in the world. They have been forced to issue many recalls throughout their times and one being in more recent days over the risk of salmonella in some of their most popular chocolate products. Just a few years back they had to recall chocolate bars in 55 countries over plastic being found in them. Why would you want to eat anything they were producing after all of this?

11. ConAgra Foods

This company owns so many different smaller companies. Those companies include things like Marie Callender’s, Reddi-Wip, and Hunt’s. For those who might not be aware ConAgra was found guilty of health code violations as well as bacterial contaminations at their food processing facilities. They have even been linked to some deaths.

12. Hershey’s

Hershey’s was in more recent times found to have unsafe levels of lead in some of their products. This is especially alarming as it can lead to neurological damage and severe learning disabilities. They are some of the worst of the worst.

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