12 Photos That Prove You Have No Clue How Food Grows

By November 20, 2017 Other, Video

Sure, we all know what our favorite foods loom like when they are ready to purchase but most of us wouldn’t know what to look for when it came to the actual plant. Some of the most unexpected foods come from the weirdest looking plants.

Take a look at the list below and let us know which ones you’ve seen before. I cannot believe almonds look so weird before being harvested! I am sure some of these will catch you off guard, they sure did me!

12 Surprising Photos That Prove Most of Us Have No Clue How Food Grows:

1. Peanuts

2. Cranberries

3. Pistachios

4. Cacao

5. Saffron

6. Coffee

7. Kiwi

8. Cinnamon

9. Black Pepper

10. Sesame Seeds

11. Brussels Sprouts

12. Cashews

Now, if you think this is crazy you won’t believe what fruits and veggies looked like before we ‘domesticated’ them. Check out the video below to see what carrots used to look like, I am shook! Isn’t it neat how different foods look before we get them and even more-so how they looked in the past?

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