We all go through the ups and downs of love and life. When it comes to dating we tend to end up with some of the most unexpected partners.

Whether you think you are with the right person or the wrong person you are going to at some point question it. This is normal for everyone and you shouldn’t feel bad for it. Sometimes we end up with people who are great for us and other times, not so much.

Below I am going to go over some of the things you can look for that will help you answer that question. These things are things that you will only find when you are with the right person for you. The right person for you will make you feel amazing and help you in more ways than other people would ever be able to.

12 Sign You Are With The Right Person For You:

1. You share everything with one another.

When you are with the right person you can share things with them and they can share things with you. You are able to speak freely and you get along well. You don’t have to hide anything from one another at all.

2. You both see a future together.

You see a future with this person and they see a future with you. You are both able to talk about where you might end up in the years to come and know what is in store. You are not on different pages.

3. You are free to be yourself with this person.

You can speak your mind and be who you truly are with this person. He or she doesn’t judge you. You can be as weird as you want and he or she is still going to stick by your side.

4. You are both free to speak your minds within the relationship.

This person doesn’t hold back. When something is going on you both are capable of talking it out. There are not very many misunderstandings.

5. There is no such thing as an awkward silence between the two of you.

You both get along great. Even in the weirdest moments, the silence is never awkward. You can be alone and not speaking together without it being strange. This is not something you will find with many people.

6. They make everything better by just being there for you.

They are there for you when no one else is. You get along great and when you are down in the dumps they stick by your side. They make you feel better instantly by just being there.

7. You both push each other to follow your dreams.

You are both going after the things you want in life. No one is putting their dreams on hold. This person pushes you in the same ways that you push them.

8. You don’t mind their quirks.

No one is perfect and you can tell what flaws this person has. That being said, these flaws are not deal breakers for you. You are able to sit just fine with the things that make them a bit quirky.

9. You have a clear connection with one another.

Right from the start, there was a connection. You don’t feel this connection with everyone. You are drawn to one another.

10. There is mutual respect.

You respect this person and this person respects you. Mutual respect is necessary in each and every relationship you have. If there is no respect things will never work.

11. You don’t argue much but when you do it’s not violent.

When you do argue things don’t get violent. you are able to get things out without there being any kind of explosion. Talking things out is important and you can do that with this person easily.

12. You are able to communicate with one another easily.

You are both free to talk about whatever you want with each other. You communicate well. When there is a problem within the relationship you both take the time to talk it out.

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