12 Interesting Differences Between the Male and Female Brain

By September 16, 2018 Science

The topic of the male brain versus the female brain has long been debated. While many may claim that we are inherently equal physically, emotionally and mentally, science tends to disagree.

Our brain structure is nowhere near the exact same and even our logical reasoning is a bit different. If you’ve ever heard the joke that men and women came from different planets this might help explain why people seem to jump to that. The female brain and the male brain are both quite amazing in their own ways. While the woman’s might be smaller, it isn’t lacking.

12 Interesting Difference Between The Male and Female Brain:

1. Women can read faces better than men.

Women tend to be able to observe facial expressions and body language on a better level than men. They because of this tend to catch liars quickly. Sure, men can still read faces but women do it better.

2. Men are better at exact sciences.

While men seem to be better at exact sciences for some reason women tend to do far better at social sciences. This one could be seen as flawed by many but seems to reign true. Though, some argue women are better at both all the while merely being modest in exact sciences.

3. Male and female brains are different genetically.

Every cell in the male brain contains a Y chromosome whereas those in the female brains do not. While this might be assumed it is not something people usually think about. The Y chromosome for those who might not realize is what causes the body and brain to take on male characteristics.

4. Men think about sex more than most women.

Studies have been done on this one a good bit and it was found that in a week period men tend to think about sex a lot more than women. In this study, men thought about it 18.6 times and women 9.9 on average. Big difference, isn’t it?

5. Women are better at multi-tasking.

Because women use more white matter than men they are able to really focus more. They can transition from task to task with ease. Men seem to struggle with this.

6. Man tend to have larger brains.

The brains of men tend to be a bit larger than those of women. This is also true for their skeletons and so forth as well. That being said, this doesn’t mean men are smarter.

7. Women have thicker cortices than men.

Cortices (cortex), for those who do not know, are something that consist of folded grey matter and play a big role in consciousness. It is the outer layer of the cerebrum and we all have one. Thicker cortices have also been associated with higher scores on many intelligence tests. Perhaps this could set them apart from men in more ways than we think?

8. Men’s brains shrink quicker.

As we age the brain of a man will shrink quicker than the brain of a woman. While why this happens is not necessarily so easily pinpointed we do know that it does happen. Women’s brains seem to shrink much slower in comparison.

9. Women tend to remember details better.

While men can sometimes be good at picking up on details, this isn’t the case all of the time. They tend to be better suited for keeping the main point on mind. Women are usually able to remember even the smallest thing. They respond to stimuli differently.

10. Men and women perceive humor differently.

Men are not concentrated on the same thing women are when it comes to laughter. Women enjoy the language and presentation for the most part but men concentrate more on the outcome. While this might not seem like much, it makes a difference.

11. Men are more territorial than women.

Men tend to have larger dorsal ‘premammillary nucleus’ than women. This makes them much more territorial and more ambitious. I guess it helps explain why some men are overly macho or at least try to be.

12. Women are better at bonding and promoting positive relationships.

The brains of women tend to produce higher levels of serotonin. Because women are more-so healers and nurturers their brains produce more hormones that align with that. Women are much better at bonding and relationships than men for a number of reasons, this being a big part of that.

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