Life isn’t always easy, in fact, there are going to be times that we have to face great adversity, difficulties, and struggles. At the moment you may find yourself feeling totally overwhelmed, questioning your ability to keep pressing forward.

Whether you are dealing with the loss of a loved one, a challenge at work, or struggles with your personal mental health or your situation at this time, there is no denying that the struggle is real!

Experts say that there are a number of personality traits and strengths that will help you to be better adept at handling life’s challenges.

Embrace These 12 Inner Traits and You Can Overcome Any Challenge Life Throws Your Way:

#1 – Mindfulness

Rather than allowing yourself to be bogged down by struggles of the past, or fears of the future, practicing mindfulness will allow you to focus on the here and now. If your mind is on the present moment, not only is it clear and focused, allowing you to handle whatever comes your way, but you are also setting yourself up to truly appreciate every moment of your life.

#2 – Grit

There are going to be times in life that there is no ‘solution’ or way to make it easier. Instead, you must rely on sheer grit and willpower, pushing forward through even the toughest of times. While this may not always be easy, it is a trait that can help you to reach even your biggest goals and dreams in life.

#3 – Generosity

It has long been understood that when you give without expectations, you will get great things in return. This doesn’t just refer to monetary or physical giving, but also giving of your time, your compassion or your love. By giving to others, you will ultimately receive great things. It’s the law of karma in action.

#4 – Motivation

You may be more than capable of handling life’s challenges, but if you lack the willingness to dedicate yourself then you will always struggle. You have to WANT to keep fighting before you can put your skills and abilities to work. Try to focus your attention on the reasons that you have to work through and overcome this challenge.

#5 – Compassion

While it can be incredibly easy to become so overwhelmed with our own struggles and difficulties in this life, it is important to not lose sight of the burdens of those around us. By focusing your compassion on those that could use your support and understanding, you will be able to put your own difficulties into perspective. Furthermore, there is great joy to be earned by helping others in their time of need.

#6 – Enthusiasm

If you are going to have a winning attitude, you must start with the desire to keep an upbeat attitude focused on moving forward in an upbeat, positive and enthusiastic manner. If you are excited to keep moving forward, then you are more likely to put the necessary effort into overcoming life’s challenges.

#7 – Honesty

The need for honesty in order to overcome challenges in life doesn’t just refer to honesty to others. The ability to be honest with yourself is arguably the greater skill. You can’t face your fears and struggles if you don’t admit that they exist. Don’t try to hide from your truth.

#8 – Courage

When you are facing life’s most difficult times, such as those that involve feelings of significant grief, pain or struggle, the only thing that is going to allow you to keep moving forward and standing tall is sheer courage. Trust in yourself, and in all that you are able to do, and you will surprise yourself.

#9 – Gratitude

As I mentioned in the point about mindfulness, truly appreciating every moment of your life is a powerful way of living. Try keeping a list of the reasons you have to be grateful in your life, focusing on adding 10 more items each day. This will help you to recognize that while you will face struggles in life, there is far more to celebrate.

#10 – Calm

When life is difficult it is not uncommon to fall into the trap of becoming overly emotional, anxious, or, in general, ‘worked up.’ By remaining calm you are able to view the situation with a level head, which will allow you to think clearly and find the solutions necessarily to work through the problem before you.

#11 – Confidence

There will be times in this life where you have to rely on you, and only you. This isn’t always easy, especially if you struggle with your feelings of self-confidence or self-worth. Look back on the past, at times that you were able to overcome challenges in order to help build your confidence. You are capable of great things if you just trust in yourself.

#12 – Curiosity

If you are always seeking to learn more and expand your knowledge, then you will find yourself propelled to move forward. When life is rolling smoothly, this is your opportunity to expand your knowledge base and learn new things. However, if you are facing a challenge, this curiosity will open your mind to otherwise overlooked solutions.

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