Empathetic people are well-known for their ability to absorb the emotions of others, but it goes far beyond just that. These people have many other traits that make them who they are as well.

Sure, empaths are highly sensitive and good listeners, but if you want to truly know about empaths there are many other things worth remembering. Below you will find a list of the most commonly overlooked traits most empaths share. Do any of these traits apply to you?

1. They become drained easily.

Empaths usually take on far too much from others, and energy vampires seek them out. This leaves them feeling almost constantly fatigued. While they may look just fine they may be exhausted on the inside.

2. They have an addictive personality.

This is something that can be brought on as a means of blocking out the emotions of others. I guess you could look at it as an unhealthy form of protection.

3. They are super creative.

Empaths are far more creative than most people. The average empath is able to do things like act, draw, sing, or write (one or all depending on the empath). That being said the empath does not always recognize his or her talent.

4. They sometimes come off as moody or shy.

While they are not really either of these things lots of people think they are. This is because when they are taking on too much it can make them appear a bit unsociable.

5. They find it impossible to do things they do not enjoy.

Trying to force an empath into doing something they don’t like doing is not going to work. It will only serve to make them unhappy, this is one of the reasons why some empaths are mislabeled as lazy.

6. They need to be alone sometimes.

The empath needs to be alone to recharge from time to time.

7. Lots of empaths are also introverts.

This is hard for most people to believe, but it is true. Empaths often tend to prefer one on one contact or many only being close to one small group of people. They do not get overwhelmed this way.

8. They give too much.

Empaths are too kind, they love helping other people, and in some cases allow them to take advantage of their niceness.

9. They just know things.

Their intuitions are much more heightened than most people’s.

10. They look out for the underdog.

They love to see those who have been suffering succeed.

11. They love animals and nature in general.

They feel like animals are innocent and pure; having a pet brings great joy to the empath and being in nature is a great way for them to relax.

12. They get bored easily.

The empath needs stimulation, if things are not interesting the empath will get bored. This is usually around the time they will doze off into a daydream.

Being an empath is a great gift, but sometimes it can feel a bit like a burden. If you know an empath, make sure that they know you appreciate them and remember the things listed above. Check out the video below for more information on empaths.

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