Spirits are all around us, sometimes we notice them and other times we don’t. If a spirit is trying to contact you, then chances are, you’ve been experiencing some pretty peculiar things.

There are quite a few ways in which the spirit world can and will try to get your attention. Some of these ways are a lot easier to face than others but all are quite prominent if you know what you are looking for. Whether it is a deceased loved one trying to make amends or someone you never even met that needs your help, messages from the spirit world can be quite fascinating.

Below I am going to go over some of the means in which ghosts and so forth try to communicate. If you notice any of these things you should probably stop and consider whether or not you are facing something paranormal. Don’t worry, most spirits are quite harmless and listening can make a huge difference in how things continue.

12 Clear Signs A Spirit is Contacting You:

1. A message pops into your head.

Sometimes, spirits send us messages in the form of thoughts. They put things on our minds that we usually wouldn’t think about. Sometimes these thoughts even come with their own voices. It is a truly unique thing to experience.

2. You notice shadows out of the corners of your eyes.

When a spirit wants to make itself known or put its presence on your mind it will move around before you. You will notice it in shadows out of the corners of your eyes or orbs on photos. It will be just enough of a shadow to make you question it.

3. You have vivid dreams.

When we are sleeping the veil from the world we live in and the spirit world is much thinner than it would be otherwise. This allows spirits to come to us in our dreams and speak. They might literally present themselves before you or send a message to you. It just depends on the spirit and what he or she wants to tell you.

4. You hear someone or something calling your name.

You notice someone or something calling out to you. No one else hears it but to you, it is quite prominent. This actually might happen much more often than you realize. This is a sign that someone wants to speak to you.

5. You feel air flowing around you that is coming from basically nowhere.

You feel chills and cold spells out of nowhere. This is the spirits way of gaining your attention. Sometimes it might be a bit scary, but it doesn’t always mean the spirit before you is a negative one.

6. Things that you know you didn’t move get moved.

If you haven’t moved something and no one else has either but it is missing chances are a spirit either hid it from you or moved it. This could be moving something to a different location to make you think of someone like if your dad who has passed kept his keys on top of the fridge his spirit might put yours there to remind you he is with you. Things like this are quite common.

7. You smell a specific smell.

As mentioned above, if they want to remind you of something they will do so through any means they feel is necessary. If your grandmother who has passed wants you to think of her she might make you catch a whiff of some apple pie that isn’t there just so you will think of her and the apple pie she used to make when you were younger. This is her way of letting you know she is there with you.

8. You have a vision, like a vivid daydream out of nowhere.

If you have vivid daydreams they might not be daydreams at all. They might be messages or things of the sort from spirits around you. This could come in the form of deja vu or even some kind of grave warning. It just varies depending on what is before you.

9. You feel some kind of presence.

You feel like there is someone with you. You can feel their presence, and they are making themselves known. This kind of feeling feels like nothing else and is not mistakable.

10. You have goosebumps for no reason.

This one goes hand in hand with chills and cold spells in different areas. If you are getting goosebumps out of nowhere, there has to be a reason for it. This could be someone lightly caressing your arm or anything else of the sort.

11. You keep seeing the same animal time and time again. 

You notice the same animal or the same kind of animal a lot. This could be a specific message trying to be portrayed to you. The more you notice it, the more apparent the message will become, so just give it some time.

12. You hear a specific song.

If a specific song is coming on out of nowhere or repeatedly as your day continues someone might be trying to put themselves on your mind. For instance, my cousin who has passed on and is no longer in this world sometimes plays her favorite song for me. This instantly reminds me that she is still with me and always will be.

Have you ever had anything like this happen to you? Do you believe in spirits? Personally, I think to experience things like this really make life much more worthwhile.

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