Throughout the years there have been some quite interesting things predicted. This year, however, might just be one for the books.

Some of these predictions will be a bit freaky or terrifying where-as the rest might come as a relief. There are of course most likely hundreds of predictions out there but the following are the best/most interesting ones I have come across. Which ones do you think will come true if any?

12 Abnormal Predictions For 2018:

1. Vesuvius will erupt.

Nostradamus has predicted that in the year 2018 this eruption will shake all of Italy. We can only hope this will end up not happening. This volcano erupting would be devastating.

2. Democrats will win most seats in the House of Representatives.

There are many things going on in current times to suggest this as a strong possibility. With that being said, when it comes to politics, anything can happen. Do you see this one happening?

3. The global economy will collapse.

This is another Nostradamus prediction. He predicted that this financial collapse would come because of the rising resentment of the ‘status quo.’ I am sure you have noticed there is in more recent times a rising resentment against the status quo.

4. China will become the new world superpower.

The US will no longer be the top, according to Baba Vanga, there will be a changing of the guard. Many believe this woman who died at almost 90 years old and was a Bulgarian mystic even predicted the 9/11 attack. With tensions growing across the globe who knows, this might be more realistic than we would like to admit.

5. World War 3 is upon us.

According to Nostradamus, WW3 might begin in 2018 and last a full 27 years. This was between great powers will cause severe damage to many. Only few will be left to enjoy the peace that comes after.

6. A new form of energy will be found on Venus.

Now, this one sounds the most outlandish of them all so far, doesn’t it? This prediction was made by Baba Vanga and seems pretty far-fetched as there are no current plans to send any space missions to Venus at the moment. Who knows though, maybe things will change.

7. There will be a rise in earthquake and volcano incidents.

According to, 2018 will be quite intense with Alaska melting and constant earthquakes. However, because of this she also sees many countries coming together. She believes we will move more towards unity. Nostradamus has also mentioned something about earthquakes in the year 2018, there might be more to it than we realize.

8. Myspace might be making a comeback.

It seems Jennifer Grygiel assistant professor of communications at Syracuse University told INC that she believed a comeback was quite possible. While I don’t see it happening this year might prove to be more interesting than assumed. Would you swap to myspace if it made a real comeback?

She said as follows:

“I think we could see an uptick in legacy/analog media (books, magazines, etc.) and greater attention being paid to in real life (IRL) experiences, events, and connection with others. Many people have been on Facebook for 10 years, and I think they are starved for more human experience and connection. I would also not be surprised if we saw the relaunch of some platforms such as MySpace. The Koch acquisition of Time comes with MySpace. MySpace might be the 2018 surprise that no one expects.”

9. Kim Jong-un will be overthrown.

This prediction comes from Craig Hamilton-Parker who as reported by the Sun believes there is a lot coming for 2018. This man is a self-appointed psychic who has managed to predict things like the election of Trump and Brexit. Along with this he also sees more terrorist attacks, a sinking US warship and mass strikes in Britain.

11. The royal wedding will be covered in far too much detail.

Now, this is one I for sure see happening. There have already been plenty of articles printed on it even now. The royal couple is going to be a hot topic until their wedding has passed.

12. Putin will be president again.

Well, considering Alexei Navalny was banned from standing for President under corruption charges this also seems quite likely. Putin will be the dominant political figure in Russia for 25 years I am sure. Do you think he will remain in power?

(Image Via: Pixabay/WikiImages)

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