Sure, a lot of people overthink, overthinking is a very common thing in this day and age but why? Well, there is no easy answer for that but better understanding overthinking and the people who do it is beneficial for us all.

If you are someone who overthinks sometimes people just don’t understand you. You might act a little differently or spend more time working on something because you just want to make sure it is exactly right. Below I am going to go over some of the things overthinkers go through on an almost daily basis. Some of these things might be quite familiar to a lot of us and others might be more reserved to those who overthink the most.

11 Things Overthinkers Do On A Daily Basis:

1. They tend to worry constantly.

Overthinkers tend to worry a lot more than they should. Even when things are going great they have that voice in the back of their mind pushing them to the worrying side. I know this sounds a bit crazy but it is more than true.

2. They do a lot more planning than most people.

Overthinkers tend to plan for a lot longer than other people. When they think they have things just right they change everything completely. It takes them a lot longer to plan things than it does most other people. This is both a good and a bad thing.

3. They struggle to get the right amount of sleep.

Overthinkers tend to stay up worrying all night or at least for a few hours. They struggle to get the right sleep because their minds won’t let them rest. There is simply too much going on in their minds.

4. They spend a lot of time being ‘unsure.’

Overthinkers are not as sure of everything as you might think they are. They could have spent all day thinking over something only to still have no idea. Life for the overthinker is full of uncertainties.

5. They look for meaning in everything.

Overthinkers always look for meaning in everything. They think there is more to the story even when there is not. You have to be careful of your wording around them.

6. They struggle to let go of things.

Overthinkers are not sure how to let go of anything. They hold onto just about everything and struggle with accepting it. Overthinkers are a lot more complicated than they want to be.

7. They struggle with sending emails and things of the sort.

Overthinkers might type an email out six different ways before finally deciding they’re ready to send it. They don’t often ever get completely happy with the thing they are working on. It is never exactly how they want it to be.

8. They obsess over the worst possible scenario.

Overthinkers tend to really gravitate towards the worst things that could happen. They prepare for everything and this would be the first place they start. They are always ready for the worst to happen.

9. They replace incidents in their heads.

Overthinkers replay things in their minds over and over again. They think about what they could have done differently and where they might have messed up. This even happens in good situations.

10. They struggle to really come across as secure.

Overthinkers don’t really ever come across as secure. Most people tend to think they are very insecure whether they are or are not. This is something they all have to face time and time again.

11. They overanalyze their relationships.

Overthinkers can be a pain for their partners, but in the end, as long as the love is there and they are on the same page everything will work out. They might think over something he or she said that didn’t mean anything and make it into something huge, but once they both sit down and talk it out everything is fine one again. As I mentioned above you have to choose your words wisely when talking to an overthinker.

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