While we all have our different views on what is important in a relationship I think we can all agree that the following things are important. Sure, relationships are not easy, but they shouldn’t be a neverending battle either.

When you are in a good relationship you know it. You can tell whether or not the person you are with is putting forth the same amount of effort as you and if they aren’t it can be devastating. You can make a good relationship last if you put enough into it. If you and your partner are doing the things listed below then you might just last forever.

11 Things All Couples Must Do To Make Their Relationships Last:

1. You communicate well.

You can talk to one another with ease. Arguments are more like conversations and that is a wonderful thing. You know that giving each other space and cooling off before getting into things helps ease tension.

2. You still flirt with one another.

No matter how long you have been together you still flirt. You flirt with one another more often than you don’t and are thankful for one another. You really care about each other.

3. You have a good connection.

You both have something special, and you really click on a deeper level. You just get one another.

4. You don’t hold grudges against one another.

You do not let petty issues get in the way of your future. You don’t hold grudges and get over things with ease. Unless it is a big issue forgive and forget is the best option.

5. You don’t let your pasts define your future together.

You have both been through stuff in life; however, you were able to overcome those things and make a life together. You are both focused on your future as a couple, and that is a beautiful thing.

6. You are both able to be authentic with one another.

You can be yourself with this person and this person can be his or herself with you. There is no pretending, because you are unapologetically YOU.

7. You grow together.

You are able to grow together. New things are faces with a positive outlook. You get along and are able to overcome anything life throws your way.

8. You can be emotional around one another.

You can be a little emotional when you need to be. You are there for one another in all the worst times. This is what love is all about.

9. You don’t make everything into a competition.

You do not compete with one another all the time. You have to remember that love is not a competition. You either stick on the same level or move apart.

10. You can make one another laugh.

You are still able to make one another laugh. A sense of humor is important in a relationship. If you can’t cut up and have a good time how do you expect to spend the rest of your life with this person?

11. You respect each other’s differences.

You are not photographed copies of one another. You are your own people and there is nothing wrong with that. You are both free to be who you are and still feel accepted in your relationship.

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