11 Things a Truly Mature Woman Won’t Give a F*ck About

By November 4, 2018 Self Help

While we all would like to believe that we are mature and act as though we are grown, the truth is, that a mature person is extremely hard to come by. However, if you do meet one, it is likely that she won’t give a shit about the same things that an immature person would.

In fact, mature women conduct their entire lives differently than those who are less stable in their sense of themselves. Mature women don’t worry aboutr the small and mindless things that most people about themselves with. The fact of the matter is, they are much more concerned with handling their own business than they are with the simple shit that keeps many of us get bogged down with.

1. She isn’t going to be concerned with her image.

Instead of worrying about how she appears to others, she focuses on what makes her happy and content. Mature women know that looking good for others simply doesn’t matter, and that we should focus more on looking the way that makes us the happiest.

2. She won’t give a shit about petty gossip.

Don’t even try to come to a mature woman with petty, unfounded gossip. She will send you on your way real quick like. While this may seem dismissive of her, she simply doesn’t have time for drama in her life.

3. She isn’t going to worry with the opinions of people that just don’t matter.

Don’t get me wrong, she isn’t heartless, and everyone may matter on some sort of sliding scale, but her tribe will be those that matter most. However, when it really comes down to it, she will do what makes her happy no matter what anyone else has to say about it.

4. She doesn’t give a flying fuck about owning expensive things.

The things she owns don’t define who she is as a person. She may appreciate the finer things from time to time, but those things don’t matter to her at the end of the day. What matters is keeping her life together and taking care of the people in her own tribe.

5. She doesn’t care what her ex is doing.

Once she is done with her ex, the mature woman will simply move forward and on with her life. She is always looking forward, and concerning herself with the people her ex associates with doesn’t interest her, as she doesn’t get bogged down with her past.

6. She isn’t willing to play silly games with people a man that isn’t prepared to build a life.

She has fought through her adult years with a fierceness that most people lack. If she is single, do not waste her time with an almost relationship. She wants the real deal or she is going to send you packing.

7. She will not deal with liars.

She won’t waste a single second debating over whether or not your words contain truth. Instead, she will cut you out of her life so quickly, you won’t even realize what happened.

8. She doesn’t give a single fuck about sharing everything personal about her life.

While immature women may divulge every single detail regarding their personal lives, a grown ass woman knows when to keep a personal matter personal. There is absolutely no need to share each and every aspect of our lives with everyone that we know and she is mature enough to realize that.

9. She isn’t going to lose any sleep over gaining the respect of those who don’t deserve her respect.

If you don’t earn the status of mattering in her life, then she simply isn’t worried about whether or not you respect her. She isn’t living her life to impress you, because she is too busy with those who have earned her respect.

10. You will never hear her worrying about things she has no control over.

While she may allow the thoughts to enter her mind, she refuses to allow them to control her life and prevent her from managing what she can control. She knows that the universe will give her exactly what she needs in the end, and that if a lesson has to be learned, she can survive anything.

11. She gives zero fucks about her status in society.

As so many people run around working to impress others with their current job, community involvement, belongings and accomplishments, the mature woman knows who she is and doesn’t need someone to validate her status in this world. Instead, she already knows she is a bad bitch!

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