Sometimes, we find ourselves falling for people who are either wrong for us or just not that into us. You might think someone is into you when they aren’t, and sadly, it can really be hard to tell.

I have noticed that close friends deal with this problem a lot. You get so close to someone that you might begin to feel something more for them whether you realize they feel the same or not. It is important to know the difference between someone who loves you and someone who is in love with you.

Below I am going to go over some of the signs that might indicate he could love you but that he isn’t in love with you. He is just a friend and wants to stay that way. You can still be there for one another and nothing has to change but you need to know where he stands.

11 Signs That He Loves You But He’s Not ‘In Love’ With You:

1. He gives you advice about boys.

He is willing to talk to you about other guys and wants to help you find someone to be with. He is always there when you need to ask him about what to do next and doesn’t seem off-putting about it. The idea of you with someone else doesn’t bother him.

2. He comes to you for advice about girls.

He comes to you when he is having lady troubles. He wants to know what you think he should do. If he is interested in someone new he asks you your opinion of them. He trusts you with this kind of thing and doesn’t think you hearing about other women would bother you since he doesn’t find himself interested in you in that way he assumes you are also not interested in him.

3. He doesn’t try to impress you.

He is himself one hundred percent. He doesn’t and has never gone out of his way to show off. He isn’t trying to impress you, as you are just a close friend. Things are different than they would be if he were trying to court you.

4. He calls you his ‘sister.’

He refers to you as ‘sister.’ This is the ultimate sign that he’s not interested in you in that way. He is trying to let you know how he feels without hurting your feelings.

5. He doesn’t get jealous when you have a boyfriend.

He doesn’t care if you have a boyfriend or not because he is not into you like that. He understands how relationships are and that when you are dating someone there might be a bit of a distance. As long as you are not dating someone who is abusing you he isn’t going to intervene. That being said, if someone is hurting you he will beat their ass.

6. He hasn’t ever made a move on you.

He has never been anything but a gentleman towards you. He doesn’t try to hook up or get one over on you when you’re feeling down. He is there for you from a friends point of view the whole time and nothing more.

7. He just isn’t looking for a relationship.

If he tells you this, it is his way of letting you down without hurting your feelings. He might really want a relationship but just not one with you. He does care but he isn’t trying to be with you and you have to accept that.

8. He prefers to hang out in a group setting.

He prefers to be around you when you are both around other people. He wants to hang out with you and his other friends. You don’t often spend time alone because as friends you also have other friends you see as well. It’s usually you, him, and someone else.

9. You initiate contact for the most part.

You have to for the most part text him first. He is preoccupied with his life. If something is bothering you he is more than willing to sit down and chat but he isn’t obsessed with your life by any means.

10. You’ve been friends for a long time.

The longer you have been friends the more obvious it is there is no future relationship wise for the two of you. You might just not mesh in that way and there is nothing wrong with that. Being friends is not a bad thing, we all need friends.

11. He tries to hook you up with other guys.

If he is trying to find someone for you to be with then you should take this as a red flag. He is not into you. That being said, he does care about who you end up with. He wants you to be with someone that will treat you right.

If he has been there for you through a lot, chances are he cares. That being said, just because he cares doesn’t mean he is your knight in shining armor. Just be friends and respect one another on that level. Not every friendship turns into ‘true love.’

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