We all know the female body is an amazing thing but chances are you don’t know as much about it as you might think you do. You, as a woman, are capable of growing another person and you can do some pretty fascinating things but to be honest, the possibilities are endless.

Below I am going to go over some of the more mind-blowing facts about the bodies of women everywhere that are for some reason little known. Some of these might not catch you off guard, but I am sure most of them will. How is any of this even possible? Well, that is no easy question to answer.

11 Facts About The Female Body You Probably Haven’t Heard Before:

1. Cellulite serves a purpose.

While most women hate cellulite, it isn’t there without reason. This is not something that equates to you being fat or your body being full of toxins. Cellulite in itself is something that plays a role in how we synthesis hormones. You can click here to read more about this.

2. The female heart is programmed to beat a good bit faster than that of a male.

Women tend to have smaller hearts than men and because of that their hearts also beat a bit faster. Women tend to get almost eighty beats per minute while men would be getting ten less than that. Female hearts work much harder overall.

3. One breast is always larger than the other.

No woman has breasts that are naturally the exact same size. One will always be bigger than the other. That being said, the difference is not usually noticeable and hard to point out.

4. The clitoris contains double the number of nerve endings in the gland of a penis.

The clitoris has about eight thousand nerve endings on its own. This is nearly double the number of nerve endings you would find in a man’s penis. It might also be worth mentioning that they can also swell by as much as three hundred percent.

5. Women listen with both sides of their brain, unlike men who only listen with the left side.

Women are much better listeners and it seems there is a reason for that. The temporal lobe on both sides of a woman’s mind are active when she is listening but that doesn’t happen when a man is listening. When a man is listening, the activity will, for the most part, be exclusive to the left side of the brain.

6. The female brain is packed more densely than the male brain.

Females tend to have smaller brains than males but not to the point where it makes a difference. Female brains might be a bit smaller in size but they are still able to function in the same ways and on the same levels. Sure, they might be packed a bit denser but overall they are no different.

7. Female necks are more flexible than male necks.

When females want to turn around they usually opt to just turn their necks but men tend to turn their whole bodies. When it comes to their range of motion, females kick males out of the park. They are able to do a lot.

8. Female muscles contain more elastin than their male counterparts.

Females are more flexible overall than males. They can partake in extensive practices without issue and tend to also have more fun in doing-so. This all boils down to our connective tissues and seems to work in our favor big time.

9. Women have more taste buds on their tongues than men.

Yes, women tend to have more taste buds on their tongues than men. Perhaps this feeds into why it seems they like food more than men? About 35 percent of women even go so far as to call themselves ‘supertasters’ this meaning their sense of taste is far more intense than it should be.

10. Some women are born with two uteruses.

While rare on occasion there are women born with more than enough lady bits. Many women throughout the years have found that they somehow had two wombs, uteruses, vag!inas, or other things of the sort. Generally, it takes a lot of testing to figure this kind of thing out but I’d say it’s well worth knowing.

11. Females can hear even when they’re asleep.

Females tend to be able to hear high-pitched noises better when they’re sleeping. This is what helps them to wake up frequently when their kids are crying and so forth. While this one might not seem as impressive, it’s pretty interesting.

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