$100 U.S Bill Contains Hidden Images that Reveal NYC Nuclear Tsunami

By February 3, 2017 Rabbit Hole

Over the years, we have all seen different bills of U.S currency folded into different shapes to expose hidden images. However, the hidden image on the new $100 dollar bill is actually pretty intriguing, and for that matter, could possibly contain a scary prediction.

As I stated above, it’s likely that you have seen the $20 dollar bill folded in a certain way to reveal what appears to be the 9/11 attack. Due to the bills being created years before the attacks, the images caused quite a bit of controversy. Now, a video blogger is stating that the $100 dollar bill also contains a hidden image.

According to the blogger, Jonathan Plack, if you fold the $100 dollar bill the same way the $20 bill was folded, the image it depicts is terrifying. Depicting what appears to be a nuclear attack on one side, and a tremendous flood on the following side. He further states that the $10 bill shows the launch of a nuclear missile.

While this could all be purely coincidence, it is still pretty freaky nonetheless. It could also be a testament to the superstitious mindset of many people. And it could be what the blogger suggests: the prediction of a horrendous event that could happen at anytime. Unfortunately, we can only speculate as to what the symbology means. For that matter, we can only speculate as to whether it was placed there on purpose. Watch the video, and tell us what you think: is it merely a coincidence, or do you think this image was purposefully placed to show us our impending fate?

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