Have you heard of the brain-hacking startup ‘Kernel?’ According to Bryan Johnson founder of this startup, we could be able to expand our brain’s abilities much sooner than expected.

Bryan Johnson put one hundred million dollars of his own money towards making brain enhancement happen. He believes that through Kernel humans will be able to ‘hack their brains’ within the next 15 years. This startup is dedicated to exploring our human boundaries through technology, It is aimed at developing technologies to understand and treat neurological diseases in new and more effective ways.

Johnson considers Kernel to be a “Human Intelligence Company.” They hope to build a tiny chip that can be implanted in the brains of those suffering from diseases like Alzheimer’s and then in the future, use that same kind of chip to enhance brain function in general. This essentially benefitting everyone but also causing quite a lot of controversy, to say the least.

Kernel’s website states as follows:

“We are a team of neuroscientists and engineers who are driven by the belief that exploring the brain is the most urgent and important challenge of this century. We are building from two decades of breakthrough research and working closely with private partners and the world’s best scientists to make the tools that will make the future of neuroscience possible.”

If they could pull off what they are setting out to do, things would be forever changed. The world would be forever changed. What are your thoughts on this?

Johnson calls what he and his team is working on as the future of the human race and if he does accomplish what he is setting out to do it could very well truly be the future of the human race. There are tons of companies working to progress humanity further and while it is a bit scary it is also overwhelmingly interesting. Could you imagine if this did truly cure Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases?

Anyone who has had to experience seeing a loved one go through this kind of thing knows how heartbreaking it truly is. A cure for neurodegenerative diseases would be monumental, to say the least. Please take the time to hear Johnson speak by listening to the video below.


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