For the most part, we have all experienced heartbreak at some point. Some of us have only experienced it once or twice while others may not even be able to count the number of heartbreaks they have encountered.

It is very important to remember that we need to be careful with our hearts and only let the right people in. Below you will find a list of things that physically happen when you go through a heartbreak. Maybe keep these things in mind next time you are choosing a partner.

10 Ways Going Through Heartbreak Can Actually Break You:

1. You feel actual pain

When you go through a breakup it for the most part literally feels like someone has punched you hard in the stomach. This can be a complete body pain that rushes through every fiber of your being. Your brain is literally sending out signals letting you know the pain is real.

2. You can literally get cramps

Your body will become increasingly aware of all the aches and pains you are feeling. This will happen because of the heightened emotional pain level you are experiencing. Don’t worry though, it will pass.

3. You may experience hair loss

While you may not lose a whole head of hair you might end up missing a few chunks. Stress is linked with hair loss and while not everyone loses their hair due to stress lots of people do. We all handle stress in different ways.

4. You go through withdrawal

Your mind and body will literally go through withdrawal. You are addicted to love and this person, when you no longer have them it is hard to cope. While this is different from drug addiction it could be compared and prove to be quite similar.

5. You lose your appetite or it increases

When it comes to a breakup generally there are two things that can happen in regards to eating habits; you eat more or less. For me, it’s less, and I lose a lot of weight when dealing with a breakup.

6. You experience a rise in blood pressure

While this is one of the more temporary symptoms it is one nonetheless. Stress causes your blood pressure to increase so this is something we should expect. With that being said, it shouldn’t be to a chronic point so everything will overall be fine.

7. Your sleeping patterns may change

You may either sleep too much or not at all, which, again depends on how you handle stress. For me, breakups make it extremely hard to get out of bed.

8. You may really become sick

Your immune system can become weaker when going through a breakup. This makes you much more susceptible to becoming ill. Sure, most people won’t get sick, but don’t rule it out.

9. You experience an increase in stress hormones

Your stress hormones will be running rampant. Love is the most addictive drug there is in my book and your brain won’t know how to handle the breakup. You will no longer be supplied with those happiness hormones and stress hormones will be overwhelming.

10. You experience depression

While this one should be obvious, heartbreak can cause depression. There have even been studies about this. One of which was covered in an article on Psychology Today, you can click here for more on that. The loss of a loved one whether it is a breakup or something else hurts and can have a lasting effect on you.

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