Empaths, as you may know, are people that are able to really take on the emotions of the people around them. They absorb these emotions and sometimes end up being unable to tell them apart from their own.

If you are an empath you know the following things I am going to go over are true, but if you are not an empath these are things you should definitely know about empaths. This is especially true if you are dating one or may date one in the future. Empaths are what I would in most cases call ‘hard to love’ but they are without a doubt worth it. They are some of the most amazing people to be with. These are the things that really make them stand out in a relationship and some of these things are not things all people can handle.

10 Ways Empaths Love Differently:

1. They will always be truthful.

While some people will tell white lies to protect you from the truth empaths will not. You get what you get with an empath. He or she isn’t going to sugar coat things for you.

2. They need their space and cannot stand being in crowds.

Going out with huge groups is not often something the empath will want to do. This kind of thing can be extremely overwhelming to them. Don’t fight them when they tell you that they just can’t do it.

3. They know when you are lying.

Don’t lie to them, they can tell when you are being dishonest. There is never any point in trying to get anything over on an empath. If you are someone that likes to lie even on a small scale don’t bother wasting the empath’s time. He or she might love you but if they constantly see that you are being dishonest they will not stick around.

4. They have more boundaries than most people.

Empaths set their own boundaries for a reason. Some empaths might have a ton and others just a few, this varies. They do this because it helps them to protect their energy. They do not want to give too much to any one person and they definitely want to do their best to not be taken advantage of. These boundaries may dissolve in time but don’t push them yourself.

5. Their love is really intense.

The love of an empath can be too much for some people. They really put forth something most have never experienced. This again can be great but in some instances, it can make them run for the hills.

6. They trust their intuition always.

Even if you want to push them to stick around at a gathering or anything of the sort when it conflicts with what their intuition is telling them they will not do it. They listen to their intuition and it is always right. If you truly love them you will learn to trust it as well. Sometimes they just know things.

7. They project their pain.

When an empath is hurt they hurt much deeper than most people. They project this pain onto the people closest to them sometimes without even realizing it. In order to try and prevent this pain from affecting their relationships, they might distance themselves, don’t worry the empath will be back.

8. They will never hurt you.

The empath will do everything he or she can to protect you. Your heart is safer with them than it is even with yourself. You never have to worry about being hurt on that level by an empath.

9. They get down in the dumps for no reason.

You don’t feel the things they are feeling. Remember this when you see them suffering and are unable to do anything about it. Just being there is more than enough.

10. They give too much.

Empaths give far too much to the people around them. A lot of them struggle with the word no and are not good at taking their own wellbeing into consideration. As their partner, you need to do this for them from time to time.

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