Have you ever noticed that there are some very distinct things about the different personalities within different people? The people who are going to make a difference in this world truly stand out above the rest.

The people who make up those that will make a difference in this world seem to fit into about 11 different personality types. While you most likely have never heard them described as you will below, I believe we can all agree that these descriptions are more than accurate. All of these different types of people are tied together in ways I cannot find the words to explain.

While no one person will fit into all of these ‘types’ there are many people who fall into these categories. These people are the crystal children and the lightworkers of the planet. Which personality type best represents you?

10 Personality Types That Are Going to Change The World:

1. The Developer

This person is full of wonderful ideas of things to do in the world. This person creates the basis for most of what happens in life, and is able to bring about the beginning of life-changing movements. They are far more mentally strong than most people give them credit for.

2. The Provider

The provider is the person who helps others with making changes to their lives. This person works as a guide for those who need one. The provider does just that, he or she provides. They are persistent and dependable. We all need someone like this in our lives.

3. The Protector

This person is there to protect those who need protection. He or she goes to great lengths to make sure the world is working as it should. They are always looking out for the underdog and standing up for what they believe in. From birth, these people were affected by negative things on a much deeper level than most.

4. The Adviser

This is the person we all go to for advice; he or she is there when we need them. They listen to our problems and give us the best possible advice they can. They are able to adapt to change and can bring out the best in all of us. These people are often the oldest souls.

5. The Nurturer

This person is able to bring about a sense of peace like nothing else. They are able to help bring us all together. These people are full of compassion and protect the people who matter most in their lives. They love to help others and are always bringing a lot of support and comfort to the people who need it.

6. The Strong-Willed

This person is going to do exactly what he or she set out to do. They are not going to let go of things that he or she believes in. You will find this person in leadership roles more often than not as they are natural born leaders.

7. The Game Changer

This personality is a bit unpredictable and generally fun. These people are often talented in many different ways, and they always come out on top. They are able to adapt to change much quicker than the rest of the people around them. Their only downside is their curiosity, which can make or break any situation.

8. The Explorer

These people are great thinkers, and because of this they are able to tune into the emotions of others, and they never stay in one place for too long. They are always striving to learn more and become wiser. If you try to hold an Explorer down, things will end badly.

9. The Healer

People who fall into this category are some of the most strong personalities around. They are able to take on so much. These people have intense intuitive powers and are able to avoid conflict with ease. They strive to be themselves and teach others to be themselves as well.

10. The Mystic

These are people who just seem to stand out far more than most. They are intense and often surrounded by others. They are highly intuitive and seem to know things without having to try. These people are wise beyond their years and remain as grounded as possible.

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