There is a very big difference between those who love their alone time and those who cannot stand being on their own. For some reason, far too many people assume you cannot be alone without being lonely and that is simply not true.

Loners are not as complicated as you might assume they are. Below I am going to go over some of the things they all seem to have in common so that you can better understand them. While they might love spending time alone that does not mean they are feeling upset over it.

People Who Love Alone Time Have These 10 Things In Common:

1. They do not waste their time or the time of others.

Loners know that their time is important and the time of others is important. While they might sit at home alone for hours doing nothing they do the things that need to be done. They won’t keep anyone waiting on their behalf.

2. They tend to be quite open-minded.

Loners are usually much more open-minded than others. They’re able to go out of their own mind and see things from the opposite perspective. Not everyone can do this.

3. They are very honest.

Loners don’t usually lie. They rarely ever have reason to and would usually much rather just speak the truth. They are quite honest individuals for the most part.

4. They make great loyal friends.

Loners do still have friends. They like going out or getting together sometimes. Sure, you might not be going for drinks daily but once a week is not bad.

5. They rely on themselves most of the time.

Loners have to rely on themselves. They make their own decisions and choices in things. They do not often ask for help or advice.

6. They are very reliable and get things done.

Loners get things done when they need to be done. They do not waste time putting things off. If it’s supposed to be finished by a certain day, it will be.

7. They are usually pretty self-aware.

Loners are for the most part quite self-aware. They know who they are and what needs to be done. They see things from the bigger picture.

8. They know their boundaries.

Loners know that their boundaries should not be crossed. They have set healthy boundaries for their own good and do their best to keep them. They do not let many people close enough to be able to cross them.

9. They are not codependent.

Loners are not normally what you would call codependent. They don’t go around getting attached to people. They are just more capable of doing things comfortably on their own.

10. They feel things on a much deeper level than most.

Loners sometimes need time alone to recharge. Empath or not they do tend to feel things deeper than most other people. If this is the case, identifying what kind of crystal child you have might benefit you greatly.

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