Some men like tall women where-as others like short women. This is just how things work, you cannot fault a man for his own preferences.

Have you ever stopped to wonder what preferences most men have? Do you think there might be a specific set of things men find to be attractive in most women? Well, there is and science backs it. Below you will find a list of things that men, for the most part, look for in a female partner. The subconscious works in peculiar ways.

10 Things Men Are Looking For in A Woman Without Even Realizing It:

1. Fuller Lips

A study from Manchester University found that men spend a lot of time looking at the lips of women. Those with fuller lips are often seen as more attractive. Throw some red lipstick on those full lips and you will drive him crazy.

2. The Way She Sounds

According to Smithsonian Magazine, men find women with a higher tone of voice to be more attractive. I assume this is because it is more commonly associated with being feminine. A pleasing voice brings about a lot for a man.

3. Healthy Hair

Shiny, long, beautiful hair is something men like for the most part. For some reason, lots of men prefer women with longer hair. Actually, a survey carried out back in 2004 found that ‘longer’ hair was rated as more attractive on average. This said to be because some men are intimidated by pixie cuts.

4. Bigger and Brighter Eyes

Men want a woman with big, bright eyes. While the color of the eyes is not as important the size makes them seem healthier and men pick up on this in their minds. While this has to do with babymaking it is still interesting to know.

5. Facial Symmetry

Symmetry is a sign of beauty. When a woman has a symmetrical face she seems to have good genes. This is something men look for subconsciously. Research has proven this to be true.

6. Low Waist-to-Hip Ratio

The research published in the journal Personality and Social Psychology found that a large percentage of men feel more attracted to women with a low waist-to-hip ratio. That being said, there are still some who prefer a higher waist-to-hip ratio. To each their own, I believe there is a place in this world and in love for all women regardless of their waist-to-hip ratios.

7. Scent

As women, we give off a specific scent. This is our ‘natural scent’ or our pheromones. These things are not often noticed right away but if you smell something that belongs to someone else you will notice quickly it smells like ‘them.’ Research has also found that a woman’s cycle influences her pheromones. Some people have a good smell and others do not, men want someone who smells good to them.

8. Red

While women have been using red lipstick for quite some time, men have always been crazy about it. According to the University of Rochester, most homo sapiens are attracted to the color red. Red is the color we most commonly associate with love and romance.

9. Big Breasts

This comes as no surprise considering breast implants are easily the number one cosmetic surgery performed. The bigger the breasts the more ‘fertile’ your figure appears to be. This just attracts men like flies. That being said, there has been a study done that seems to suggest men’s attitudes determine whether or not they are attracted to small breasts or big ones.

10. A Curved Booty

It seems a woman with a 45-degree slope between her back and her booty she is more desired. While we don’t all have to have big ole Kardashian booties men do prefer a curved booty with a nice shape. Luckily this can be found in big and small tushies.


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