Throughout our lives, we acquire many different personal beliefs.  My personal beliefs and yours might not be the same but regardless, some of these beliefs are actually toxic.

Everyone goes through different things in their lives. If you lock yourself in a bubble then how will you manage to find all the good in this world? For some reason, we tend to give our personal beliefs and the beliefs others force us into far more power than we should. Below I am going to go over some of the ‘beliefs’ that we as human beings should give up on.

Giving up on these ‘beliefs‘ will help you to move forward in a more positive light and allow you to finally let go of some of the burdens you might have been holding onto for some time. Life doesn’t have to be as complicated or as ‘down’ as it might seem.

10 Toxic Beliefs That Might Be Holding You Back In Life:

1. I have to be perfect.

You do not have to be perfect. No one is perfect. Perfect does NOT exist.

2. I am alone in my battles.

You are never truly alone in anything. While you may feel alone, there is always at least one person beside you whether you realize it or not. Just pay closer attention next time, you’ll realize sooner or later.

3. I have to do what others expect me to do.

You do not have to do what others expect you to do. There are very few things in this life that you have to do. If you truly don’t want to do something, don’t do it.

4. I cannot cut family members out of my life.

You can cut whoever you want to out of your life. If someone is bringing you down, you shouldn’t hesitate. Sure, this person might have been in your life since you were a child but that doesn’t mean they have your best interests at heart.

5. I have to be in a relationship to be happy.

You can be single and happy. You do not have to be in a relationship to find happiness. Happiness is something you find in yourself, not in another person.

6. I have no control over my life.

You are the only person who is in control of your life. You make the decisions and you carry out the actions. Don’t let anyone tell you what to do and don’t do things you don’t want to. Live your life how you want to live it.

7. I am never good enough.

You are good enough. As long as you are doing and trying your best you ARE great. Just because you aren’t as good as someone else doesn’t make you ‘not good enough.’

8. I don’t need to be criticized, ever.

We all need a little criticism from time to time. Sure, it might suck but it helps us grow in the end. That being said, criticism and someone just being an asshole are two different things.

9. It’s too late for me to follow my dreams.

Don’t worry about how old you are. It is never too late to chase your dreams. Go out and do whatever it is you want to do.

10. I should never fail.

Failing in life is something that helps us grow. We should all fail at some point in life and many times over. If we don’t we won’t ever truly succeed.

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