Sure, some men are more invested in their relationships than others, but when he really loves you, you will know. If you don’t feel cared for, there is a reason.

It can sometimes take a lot for a man to show his true feelings or come out with his vulnerable side, but when he does it means something amazing. If your man is doing the following things he really has emotionally invested himself in you. He wants you to be his partner for as long as you will have him.

10 Things Men Will Only Do With Someone They Truly Love:

1. He will be vulnerable in front of you

When a man truly loves someone they will not be afraid to express their emotions. You will see him in his most vulnerable state, but don’t worry! He is showing you this side of himself because he trusts you.

2. He will care about those who matter to you

He will want to get close to those who matter you in your life. Your family will become his family. He wants you to be comfortable in all the right ways.

3. He will not let you down

He does not break his word or ignore you, and he works hard and does his best. You know that regardless of how things end up he is truly making his best efforts.

4. He will love even your flaws

He loves you for you. Every flaw you have only makes you more perfect in his eyes. He accepts you for who you are.

5. He will not put your needs last

He puts your needs on the same level as his. He is not going to let you go without. You will never feel neglected with him.

6. He will respect your boundaries

He knows your limits and does not push you. The boundaries you have set are respected and he is honest with you all the time. This is hard to find and should be cherished.

7. He will listen when you need him to

He is always there to listen when something is bothering you. You do not have to worry about him judging you or jumping to conclusions. You are able to communicate with one another easily.

8. He will do his best to make you happy

He does his best to make sure you are happy and you do the same. You both compliment one another in general. Nothing can get between the two of you.

9. He will not be a doormat

He will not let you walk all over him, because in his eyes you are both equals. No one is better than anyone else.

10. He will make sure you know he cares

He will make sure that you know he cares for you and loves you. You will never have to second guess his intentions. You can rest assured in knowing you have something special.

If your man does all of these things you have found the one. Don’t let him slip out of your fingers. Sometimes we forget to appreciate the ones who mean the most, let him know you appreciate him.

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