In this day and age, we share a lot of things online. We tend to do this without even thinking most of the time but to be honest, we should be thinking a lot more about the things we are doing in regards to our social media presence.

Social media is a huge part of most of our lives and it doesn’t have to stop being that, we should just do our part to be a bit more aware of what we share online. Below you will find a list of things you should never even consider posting online. While some of these things are ‘no-brainers,’ you would be surprised at the number of people already sharing them over and over again.

10 Things You Should NEVER Post Online (Keep Them Off Social Media):

1. Never post personal things about your significant other.

Your significant other might not want the whole world knowing what he or she is afraid of. Just because you find it funny doesn’t mean he or she does. Don’t post personal information about anyone other than yourself on your social media accounts.

2. Never post rude jokes about your partner or other people who are close to you.

Sure, joking is fine and all but online it can be taken the wrong way. You want to be clear in what you are saying online and be sure how others will respond to it. Sarcasm and things of that nature are not transferred well when reading through text so posting things like this online can cause problems.

3. Never make passive-aggressive posts.

You are better than that, don’t waste your time taking to Twitter or Facebook when something is bothering you. Get up and go talk it out. Stop wasting time and making yourself angrier.

4. Never post attention seeking things, you are better than that.

Attention seeking posts are all over Facebook and will never die out. Don’t be one of those people. You should not be posting every second of every day, you have a life. Sure, you are free to post whatever you’d like but please give it some thought beforehand.

5. Never post about arguments you are in.

We all argue, that much is normal but don’t post constantly about the arguments you are in with your partner or family members. This just makes things worse and brings other people into your drama/relationship. Don’t let people know they have room to weasel their way in.

6. Never post information about your location.

If you must check-in somewhere do it a few minutes after you leave each time. You don’t want people who might be following you (yes this really happens) to know where you are. Better safe than sorry when it comes to this kind of thing.

7. Never post about your partner’s ex or your ex’s new partner.

This only starts drama and drags other people into it. You don’t like the whole world knowing your business now, do you? This is only adding fuel to the fire.

8. Never post pictures of other people without permission, even your significant other.

Always get permission before posting something of someone else. This includes those embarrassing photos you can’t help but post, they need to be approved too. You wouldn’t want someone posting just any photo of you so they should expect the same from you.

9. Never post photos of children that are not your own unless you have permission.

Always get permission from the parent of a child before posting a photo of that child. This world is full of terrible people and we should always be respectful of the wishes of the parents in our lives. If your friend doesn’t want photos of her baby online, there should not be photos of her baby online.

10. Never post other people’s news or things of the sort.

Do not be the person that jumps online to talk about everyone else’s business. Let other people share the things going on in their lives as they see fit. It is not your place to call them out.

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