Strong women have more than enough on their plates. They don’t go out of their way to waste time worrying about things they cannot change.

Strong women are far more put together than you realize. They can be broken and confused all the while maintaining that sense of power over the rest of us. Strong women are not as simple or as complicated as this world makes them out to be. They are simply themselves and nothing of this Earth is going to change that.

Below I am going to go over some of the things most people want strong women to care about that strong women do not and will not ever give the time of day. Strong women are far more advanced than that, and they don’t care about things that do not serve them and they do not waste any time on people who try to hold them back. Strong women know exactly what they have in store for the people around them and they do not give in easily.

10 Things Strong Women Don’t Really Care About:

1. They do not care about the status quo.

Strong women don’t care if they are breaking the status quo or not. They will do whatever they please whenever they please. You cannot convince them to simply work and sit at home, life doesn’t work like that for them.

2. They do not care about your opinion.

Strong women are not going to give a shit what you think about them or the things they are doing. They are going to unapologetically be themselves and everyone who has a problem with that can shove it. They are not here to please anyone.

3 They do not care about fitting in.

Strong women are not going to go out of their way to try and fit in. They wear whatever they want and do whatever they want. You can hate them if you want, they won’t lose any sleep over it.

4. They do not care about gossip or drama.

Strong women do not participate in gossip or drama. They avoid shit like that at all costs. They know where the line should be drawn.

5. They do not care about being popular.

Being popular is not something that the strong woman cares about. Sure, she wants friends but she wants them to be there for her because they like her not because she is popular. She would rather have one real friend than one million fake friends.

6. They do not care about hurting your feelings.

Strong women will say the things that need to be said whether feelings end up hurt or not. They do not sugar coat things and are always quite bold. If you don’t want something said in front of others you might want to specify.

7. They do not care about social media.

Social media is nothing too strong women. Sure they have accounts but they are not on them 24/7. There is more going on in life than just that.

8. They do not care about being right all the time.

Strong women do not care if they are right or wrong. They will admit when they make a mistake. This kind of thing is not often seen.

9. They do not care about having the perfect body.

Strong women accept themselves as they are. They do not obsess overlooking the best. They have learned to love the skin that they are in.

10. They do not care about the past.

The past cannot be changed so the strong woman has already forgotten it. She doesn’t let the past define her or anyone else. We all make mistakes.


Image via Higher Perspective

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