Have you ever noticed that a lot of the time we give people efforts they do not deserve? We might think someone is chasing us or just playing hard to get but is that really often even the case?

Below I am going to go over the things a man will do when he is not that into you but still wants to play with your emotions and get what physical attention he can from you. While sometimes he can be hard to spot if he is doing these things he is so obviously not looking for anything serious. Don’t let yourself fall for his tricks, he isn’t as into you as you want him to be.

10 Things He Does That Prove He Is Just Playing You:

1. He refuses to bring you around anyone important to him.

You never meet his friends or his family. This is because he wants to keep you separate from them. He would only introduce someone to them he saw a future with. He is only using you and deep down I think you know that.

2. He is always late without notice or doesn’t show up at all.

When he is late, which is almost always he never texts or calls to let you know. You just sit and wait to see if he even actually shows up. Sometimes he literally doesn’t show up and you don’t know why until he needs you for something.

3. He never calls when he says he will.

He doesn’t ever call when he says he will. You might have a good night together and he says he will call in the morning only for you to not hear from him for about a week before getting some half-assed text message. This is not something you should tolerate, ever.

4. He doesn’t ever actually take you ‘out.’

He doesn’t make the effort to take you out. He wastes your time and only wants to sit inside and do basically nothing unless you’re being physical. While dinner dates at home are fine they shouldn’t be every single time you see one another thing.

5. He doesn’t bother to comfort you when you’re upset.

He doesn’t go the extra mile to make sure you are alright. He just lets you sit and cry if you are upset. He never takes any kind of initiative to make you feel better even when he is the reason for your being so upset.

6. He doesn’t seem as attached to you as you are to him.

He doesn’t really seem to care about you at all and you can see that but refuse to believe it. You are far more into him than you realize and he is not into you at all. He doesn’t care if you are in his life or not.

7. He is only sweet when he wants something.

He doesn’t come around or act nicely towards you unless he feels like there is something he needs. He will be the kindest person when he needs you but once he gets what he wants it is over. You should not be letting him act this way.

8. He is always lying or making excuses.

He never takes the time to really do anything for you. He lies and makes excuses when he is supposed to do something and never follows through. You cannot count on him.

9. He only wants to see you if sex is involved.

He only wants to be around you if he is getting something out of it. He will message you late at night wanting to hook up but is not interested in going out for dinner or to the fair. You are not getting the affection you crave from him at all.

10. Your gut is screaming at you but you’re not listening.

You know on the inside he is not the one for you and that you are being used but you refuse to see it. Being around him makes you nervous and uncomfortable but you don’t think much of it. Listen to your gut.

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