So far this year we have experienced many different energy waves, all of which have impacted us in many ways. We are going to be experiencing another wave of energy soon and with it is going to come a great shift.

We have recently went through the first mercury retrograde of the year, and the Spring Equinox is here now. There is a great possibility that you are still experiencing the effects of our last energy wave, and if you are, then you know all too well what to expect with the upcoming equinox. Energy waves are messages sent to us from universal beings that hold the potential to help us grow and develop as humans on this planet.

Once you realize how these energy waves can affect our lives, you will begin to notice lots of people going through them. I know after becoming aware I saw plenty of people changing and growing because of these waves and still do to this day.

Signs You Are Going Through Energetic Changes Associated with Recent Waves:

1. You notice a change in eating habits

During a shift like this you will either eat a lot more or a lot less depending on how the shift affects you.

2. You notice rapid change

Things that do not usually bother you are beginning to bother you now, and you are starting to see all of the changes going on around you. Society is different place than it used to be, and people all over are beginning to wake up to that fact. Everything is changing!

3. You no longer enjoy the things you used to

You are changing inside and outside. Unfortunately, the things that you used to love doing just don’t bring the same joy that they used to.

4. Endings bring about amazing things

While old things are coming to an end greater things are just opening up.

5. Intense emotions

You are going through something that will bring on a lot of emotions, and you will feel each one deeply.

6. You are no longer content

You are no longer content with the way things are, and you want them to change.

7. Your sleeping patterns change

You either begin needing more sleep or less sleep.

8. Hypersensitivity

In addition to your 5 physical senses (Sight, Hearing, Taste, Touch, and Smell) that are becoming more and more developed as the days go on, your spiritual senses are also increasing (intuition, emotions, imagination, conscience and inspiration) to a high speed.

9. You feel more inclined to do good

You feel as if changing things for the better is necessary to move forward in life.

10. You no longer fit into the status quo

If this is your first shift you will begin coming out of your shell. You no longer feel the need to fit in, and you only want to be yourself.

If you are dealing with energy waves it is best to embrace all that comes along with them. Do not worry about becoming overwhelmed by the energy that is flowing through you, nothing bad will come from it. Seek out people who are experiencing this as well and grow together as a group. Remember that when these things happen it is not to hold us back but to push us forward in life to a place we need to be.

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