While it might not always seem like it, we all have guardian angels watching over us. Sure, sometimes we might not be able to hear them or see the signs of their presence but if we pay close enough attention to them lots can happen.

Guardian angels are the ones who watch over us and as we move through this life. They guard us as we follow through with things in our lives and help push us in the right direction. When we are moving as we should, they will remind us that we are facing the things we should be and while we cannot see them, when they are near we can usually feel their presence.

While it might not always seem like it, there are lots of signs that your guardian angel is with you. Below I am going to go over some of those signs. These will help you to better understand where you are and what you may be headed to.

10 Signs Your Guardian Angel Is Watching Over You:

1. Your dreams are very vivid and you’re visited by angels or beings during them.

Guardian angels tend to visit us a lot during our dreams. If you ever remember a dream that seems more vivid than most, it was likely a dream connected to your guardian angel. I know, this can be confusing but you can break things down if you really work on understanding the situation at hand more properly.

2. You keep seeing repeating numbers.

Repeating numbers or angel numbers as a whole are important. These help us to see things as they are and show us whether we are on our proper life paths or not. Diving into repeating numbers can be a great means of growth for those who wish to find themselves more properly.

3. You cannot seem to get away from white feathers.

White feathers represent people from the other side. They can be tied to deceased loved ones or merely those working to help us move through this world. The more white feathers you see the more present your guardians may end up being.

4. You notice hidden messages within music that seem meant for no one but you.

Your guardian angel cannot just speak to you, he or she can only bring things before you in this world. Music is one way that our guardians try to get messages through to us. They will present songs and things of that nature before us that we need to hear.

5. Certain animals present themselves when you need them the most.

If you’ve ever been hurting badly only to find a puppy or kitten on the side of the road that needed your care, you have been presented something amazing by your guardian angel. This animal will help brighten your life and really bring out the best in you. Helping others even if just animals brings a lot of purpose to our lives.

6. You notice angels and things of that sort in the shapes the clouds make.

When angels want to make themselves known, they will present shapes in all aspects of life. You may look up at the sky and notice one right off the bat. This is no mere coincidence.

7. Someone you’ve had on your mind or not seen in a long time pops out of nowhere.

Synchronicities and guardian angels go hand in hand. If you need to face something they will place it before you. If you’ve been thinking about someone and wondering if things could be different, your angel might bring them before you to allow you the chance to figure exactly that out.

8. You see orbs quite often.

Orbs are very connected with the spiritual world. They are balls of energy that can really help us see whether we’re alone or not. If your guardians are with you, you will notice orbs in photographs much more often. While some people seem to associate these with hauntings, not everyone does.

9. You hear small reminders that you cannot entirely make out.

Sometimes, your guardian angels might tell you things that you otherwise would never pick up on. You hear small reminders that help keep you moving forth. While you never know where these are entirely coming from they put positive things in your mind.

10. You do not feel alone.

Overall you can feel that you are not alone. You can tell that there is something or someone watching over you. That is the presence of your guardian angel.

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