10 Signs You Are Someone With A Strong Personality And a Sensitive Heart

By June 11, 2018 Personality

Sure, being strong and coming off as unemotional can be a bit harder than it looks but even those who seem to have everything together can be bursting at the seams. Not everything is as it appears to be and I think that is something we tend to forget in this day and age.

For whatever reason, most of the people in this world tend to ridicule and make fun of those who show their emotions or who are not afraid to be themselves. That is why people who are sensitive or have a sensitive side tend to work hard to be as strong as possible. They have strong personalities and go above and beyond to make sure everyone sees only that side of them.

That being said, they do show their true selves to those who are closest to them and it makes a wonderful difference in the lives of just about everyone who comes in contact with them. Below I am going to go over some of the more common signs that you could be someone who fits this description and has a sensitive side you are afraid to show. This is something you let leak out in some of the best ways and should not be ashamed of. Never be afraid to be who you truly are.

10 Signs You Are Someone With A Very Strong Personality But Also A Sensitive Side:

1. You cannot help but call others out when they do something wrong.

When someone does something really wrong it eats away at you until you make it known. This isn’t just simple mistakes it is more like really hurting those who do not deserve the pain. You cannot stand for that kind of thing. People who do good deserve to be treated right.

2. You don’t like it when people hide their true feelings from you.

You think people should speak their minds when it comes to what they feel even though you don’t always follow through with it. You get quite upset when someone keeps their true feelings from you. You would rather they speak up and hurt your feelings than do something they don’t want to do.

3. You tend to become overwhelmed quite easily.

You find yourself overwhelmed more often than not. You might not let other people see it but you definitely feel it. Stress is something you are very familiar with. That being said, you are great at overcoming it.

4. You tend to beat yourself up over a lot of unimportant things.

You tend to really end up being your own worst enemy. You are far more hard on yourself than you should be. You beat yourself up over things that literally don’t even matter.

5. You struggle with letting go of negative thoughts.

When someone says something about you that isn’t positive it really sticks with you. You beat yourself up over most of these things and really struggle with letting go of the negativity. You are not someone that sees his or herself for who they truly are, this needs to change.

6. You remain calm in even the most upsetting situations.

You are able to stay together long enough to help other people. You see serious situations and what needs to be done as an opportunity to help, so you do just that. You are someone that really goes out of his or her way to make a difference.

7. You have to have time to recharge and relax.

You cannot go without taking a moment to yourself from time to time. You need to relax an recharge when things get to a certain point. This is something you are aware of and make sure happens when it is needed.

8. You tend to take things personally whether you show it or not.

You take a lot of things more personally than you should. You let the words of others impact you more than they are even meant to. This is not necessarily a good thing but it is a sign that you are a sensitive soul.

9. You hide your negative feelings from the people around you.

You don’t like to bring other people down so you hide the sides of you that might upset them. You don’t want to burden other people with your problems so you keep them locked away. This is not the best way to do things.

10. You compare yourself with others too much.

You tend to compare yourself to others which is not a good thing. You never see the complete story when you look at someone else. They are struggling in their own ways, don’t compare yourself to them. You might be better off than they are in the end even if you cannot quite see it.

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