There are many different kinds of empaths. Empaths are people who are more empathic, and they can absorb the emotions of others and take them on as if they were their own.

Some empaths feel more things than others. However, their intuition is quite important to them. The best kind of empath, in my opinion, is the highly intuitive empath. He or she seems to just know things on a level that blows my mind. Check out the list below to see if you or someone you know might be a highly intuitive empath.

10 Signs That You Are a Highly Intuitive Empath:

1. You experience a lot of deja-vu.

This is essentially feeling as if you have done something before even though you haven’t.

2. You are connected to some people for ‘no reason.’

You just feel like you have a connection to others. This connection applies to people you haven’t even met. You can feel your energies as well as their energies as they collide.

3. You need time alone to recharge, quite often.

Spending time alone is extremely important to you because you have to be able to recharge. If you do not recharge you will end up having a breakdown, literally.

4. Manifestation works for you, big time.

When you want something you usually get it. The universe works with you in wonderful ways, and because of this, you do not often find yourself in need.

5. You usually know something bad is going to happen before it does.

When something bad is going to happen you get a feeling that most other people would ignore. You can tell that something is going to happen and that it is coming fast. However, you don’t always know what exactly is coming.

6. Your dreams seem to speak to you.

You are sent messages in your dreams from the universe. The universe is always speaking to you and pointing you in the right direction. You are well on your way to living your greatest purpose.

7. You can tell what other people’s intentions are.

You are able to tell whether or not someone is lying as well as if they are coming to you with cruel intentions. Those with cruel intentions seem to stick out; it’s like you can read their aura.

8. Your intuition is much stronger than the intuition of a normal person.

You have a strong intuition and are able to listen to it as well. You know your intuition is important and you value it big time. You always listen to your inner voice.

9. You care for other people on a deeper level.

You are someone who really cares about the people around you. You listen to their problems and offer them the advice they need. You as well as your friends and family are able to understand one another deeply.

10. People are drawn to you.

You are often the person that others come to for advice and so forth. People seem to find your aura to be quite attractive. Because it is warm and inviting even strangers feel as if approaching you is fine. You cannot avoid human interactions, to say the least.

Image via Marie Houldon

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