Sure, you might be obsessing over someone but are they doing the same in regards to you? When it comes to figuring out whether you’re on their mind as much as they are on yours things could be a bit tricky.

While a lot of people opt to assume that someone is thinking of them when they get the hiccups, looking for more clear-cut signs is a lot easier. If someone spends a lot of time with you on their mind the way they act around you, in general, will be quite specific. Below I am going to go over some of the more common/quite clear signs that someone is thinking of you. When they do these things there is no denying the fact that you are on their mind.

10 Signs Someone Special Has You On Their Mind:

1. They never seem to be on their phone unless you’re apart.

When you’re with this person he or she is never on his or her phone but when you’re apart it is as if he or she is always talking to you. They don’t seem to bother with their phone when you’re around. This is because the only person they want to talk to is right there by their side.

2. They notice the small things.

This person notices all of the smallest changes in you. He or she can tell when you do something different with your hair and so forth. You get a lot of very special compliments from him or her.

3. They surprise you with things they know you will like.

This person is always surprising you with things. You know that you are on his or her mind because they are always reminding you of such. You never know what to expect but always know to expect something.

4. They follow up on conversations you’ve previously had.

This person remembers the things you’ve talked about and makes the effort to ask about them when needed. For instance, if you mention feeling ill at work he or she will ask how you are the next day. Nothing is cut and dry with this person.

5. They are always making time to see you.

This person is always going out of his or her way to make time for you. While many people will tell you that they are too busy this person doesn’t. He or she does what is necessary to make things work because he or she wants to see you. That is a clear sign you are on his or her mind.

6. They don’t cut contact when out with friends.

This person doesn’t stop talking to you because he or she is out with friends. Sure, he or she might not talk as much when busy but that doesn’t mean he or she stops checking in. You always get that ‘I’m okay love you’ text and it makes a huge difference in how you feel about everything.

7. They like to be in physical contact with you when possible.

This person loves to show you affection. He or she is always holding your hand and being as there for you as he or she can. You are both quite drawn to one another.

8. They tell their friends and family things about you.

This person has and does talk to his or her friends and family about you. That is a clear sign that he or she cannot get you off of their mind because they are going out of their way to say nice things about you. They don’t have to discuss you but they want to because they care for you so much.

9. They send you random texts throughout the day.

This person will send you texts throughout the day as he or she thinks of you. This is a simple reminder that he or she cares and is thinking of you every moment. While it might not seem like much, it is a tremendous feeling to experience.

10. They like a lot of things you post online.

This person is always liking the things you post online. He or she doesn’t necessarily stalk your profiles but they do check to see what you’re saying. It’s just another way for them to be close to you when you’re apart. They love being able to pop in.

While some of these things might seem small, they all make up something truly amazing. How many of these things does the person you have on your mind do? If he or she does them all, you are without a doubt on his or her mind as well.

(Image Via: Pixabay)

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