It is a common occurrence in relationships for us to feel worried, or perhaps even territorial over our partners to the extent of even believing that they may be sleeping with someone else. And while it isn’t always the case that we may be right about our worries, it helps to know the true signs of infidelity.

If you have concerns, it’s likely that you have already noticed what you considered to be a sign of infidelity, so before you confront them, understand the importance of what makes a tell-tell sign, and what could be simple paranoia. To help, we have gathered a list of signs that are almost always indicative of cheating. However, intuitively, only you will really know at the end of the day, so take these signs along with your gut feeling on which move to make next.

Your partner is suddenly bored with you.

When you once may have felt close to this person, and maybe even exciting, it seems like they have completely lost interest in you. If this was a sudden and not gradual change, it is all the more a sign of infidelity.

They take literally forever to respond to you.

If they were constantly available for you in the past, but now take hours to respond to you – this is a bad sign. Unless there is a new job, or activity to blame, that is verifiable, it could mean that they are cheating.

Check your financial situation.

If your partner is someone that you live with, and you have access to even the slightest of financial outgoings and incomings, then this is a good place to start. If your partner claims to constantly be working over but never brings in any extra funding to your home, then it’s likely they are straying.

They bathe within minutes of coming home when this hasn’t always been the case.

If your partner is suddenly bathing as soon as they enter your home, they may be trying to mask the presence of another person in their life. Sadly, if they are sleeping with someone else, they may appear to be changing their shower habits when in reality they are trying to hide someone from you.

Your gut is telling you something is off.

If you suddenly feel as though something is off between the two of you, listen to this feeling. Relationship experts say that the most accurate signs are those we just feel, even when we lack proof. Sometimes, you just know….

You are constantly alone all the time now.

Replacing Netflix sessions together, meals on the couch and trips to your favorite outing are nights alone, evenings without your partner, and attempts to fill in the empty gaps that are now in your life. If this is the case, you may be dealing with an affair.

You feel less attractive to them.

Suddenly, you may feel unattractive to your partner. One of the first things to change in a relationship that is going through infidelity is a change of pace in your love life.

You are replaceable, or at least you feel that way.

When at one point you may have felt like you were the only person that mattered, all of a sudden, you now feel as though you are easily replaced, and possible as if the replacement has already been found. Psychologists point out that partners will begin the breakup process without even saying a word when they are guilty of cheating.

They are extremely open.

While some partners may run to hide their phone and its contents, sometimes cheaters will go the other way, and suddenly leave their phone completely open for you to see what they are doing. This is considered to be a decoy move, and oftentimes, if they have more than one phone, it could mean that their cheating is hidden on the other phone. However, they are trying to keep your attention on their innocence.

They have a new and very special friend.

Out of nowhere, they have a new friend, and this friend takes up every bit of time they have. While they won’t give all the details, you feel off about the new friend, and it is causing you to think they may be more than just a friend.

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