Sometimes we fall into the lie of believing that love is enough, it isn’t. Love is not going to keep you and your significant other together.

No two relationships are the exact same but we all know that the ups and downs we face are sometimes more than enough to tear us apart from one another. Just because you promise one another forever doesn’t mean that is what you’re going to get. Sometimes the connections we thought we had fade away, there is nothing wrong with parting on mutual terms.

That all being said, if someone is mistreating you, you shouldn’t just stay with them because you love them or you don’t know how to be without them. People who mistreat us aren’t going to be in our lives forever whether we cut ties or they do it will eventually happen. While the following signs I go over will be hard to swallow they are things we all need to be aware of. If these things are happening, your relationship is not going to last.

10 Hard to Swallow Signs That Your Relationship Isn’t Going to Last:

1. They keep you at a distance.

They don’t let you in. They keep their guard up and they don’t let you meet people that are close to them. It’s like there is your relationship and then there is his or her life, the two are not intertwined as they should be.

2. You feel used a lot of the time.

While you may not actually come out and say it a lot of the time you feel like you are being used. You feel like your partner is taking advantage of you. Whether this is a constant feeling or a mere nagging whisper on occasion it is not something you should ignore.

3. You never seem on the same page.

You cannot stay together forever if neither of you are able to get on the same page. This will cause conflict and tear you apart sooner or later. You have to mesh in some form for this to work.

4. You can’t truly be yourself around them.

If you cannot be yourself around this person why be with him or her in the first place? Would you really want to go through your life pretending to be someone you are not? Being yourself is important, don’t sacrifice that for anyone.

5. They don’t put in much effort.

In a relationship, both parts must put in equal effort. If you are giving more than your partner is eventually the emotional burden will become too much. Would you want to be with someone that refused to even try to make things work?

6. Sometimes you feel like they are holding you back.

Sometimes you feel like you want to tear your hair out. This person is controlling on either a small level or a large level and you aren’t truly living your life. You cannot be who you want to be.

7. There is no sense of trust in the relationship.

You are not able to trust this person and that in itself is a huge red flag. If you cannot trust your partner things WILL NEVER WORK. You have to be able to trust one another if you want to have a healthy relationship.

8. They don’t seem to take the relationship seriously

If the person you are with refuses to take your relationship seriously then cut them off. You don’t need to waste your time with someone that is just playing games. If they’re not serious now they will never be. Respect yourself enough to at least do that much.

9. They bring out the worst in you.

If the person you are with only ever brings out the worst parts of you then he or she isn’t going to stick around long and honestly shouldn’t. Toxic relationships are a thing and when they do come up we shouldn’t force them to last. Sometimes parting ways is the best option for everyone.

10. You are always fighting.

If you are not able to get over the fighting and talk things out you are doomed to fail. Jumping right into things instead of taking a moment to breathe and sitting down is something that ruins a lot of relationships. Conflict not fun for anyone and eventually, there will be too much of it. Sometimes it is normal but all the time it is not.

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