Sure, we all think our friends are good friends until something bad happens but if we knew how to spot fake friends we could save our backs from a lot of stabbing. While they may seem nice, many people are good at ‘faking it.’

Have you ever gotten close to someone and told them all of your secrets just to have them exploit you later? I know I have and it brings about a feeling I would not want to have to experience again. Betrayal is not something any of us deal well with.

If you want to learn how to spot a fake friend the list below should help big time. These are things we should all be on the lookout for. Friendship is something we all consider to be important whether we want to admit it or not. Don’t let other people take advantage of your kindness or trusting nature.

10 Things You Need to Be Aware of When Trying to Spot Fake Friends:

1. Fake friends don’t make time for you.

They will not go out of their way to check on you or see if you need someone to spend a little time with. Unless it is on their terms they do not want to hang out. Sometimes they even actually go to great lengths to avoid you.

2. Fake friends will speak negatively about you/to you.

They will make fun of you to your face and in front of others as well. They want to bring you down. This is their way of ‘getting under your skin’ yet they pretend it is all a ‘joke.’

3. Fake friends will not message you unless they need something.

They will only want to talk to you when they want something from you. You might go weeks on end without hearing a peep but as soon as they are broke or bored they come calling. If you text them they ignore it but if you don’t reply to their texts they get pissy.

4. Fake friends will hold grudges over stupid things.

They are always turning nothing into something. Pettiness is their game of choice and boy are they good at it. You are constantly trying to win back their affection even though their affection is complete bullshit.

5. Fake friends will let you do stupid shit.

They don’t take your keys when you’re drunk and they don’t care if you hook up with your ex. They won’t give you their opinion when you ask for it because they want to see you do stupid shit. They want to have something to hold over you or something to laugh at you about.

6. Fake friends criticize you far too much for the things you choose to do in life.

They are constantly critiquing the things you do in life. Nothing is ever good enough. Everything you do just seems to never be good enough unless it is making you look bad to the rest of the world.

7. Fake friends will gossip A LOT.

They will be the ones who always have all the gossip on everyone. They love talking shit to you about everyone you both know and chances are they do the same about you to their other friends. No one is safe from the gossip queen or king.

8. Fake friends want you to make them a priority.

They will do their best to ensure that you make them a priority. They want you to see them as more than they are. They will pretend to literally be your best friend even though they don’t care about you at all.

9. Fake friends want all the attention.

They want you to be there on the sidelines. They want the spotlight all to themselves. If you begin to overshadow them they will cut you down in the worst ways.

10. Fake friends will pretty much compete with you.

They will do their best to make themselves look better than you. If you get a nice new jacket they get a nicer new jacket. If you get a better job they will get a better job than that. They only want to be better than you. You aren’t really the friends you wish you were.

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